Tuesday, 21 October 2008

He's growing up

B and Lion getting "domesticated" in the playgroup kitchen on Green Day.

My little Lion is growing up. He is getting increasingly frustrated that I am not letting him do big boy stuff (didnt help that he was around teenagers all weekend) and he feels like I am holding him back. I am starting to wonder if this is part of his feral bahaviour that is showing itself lately. So, I am cutting him loose. He is having a play day with his friend B tomorrow without mummy there. It was such a "God has it all under control and I am feeling so stupid for fretting about it" moment.

B's mummy and I have been saying for ages that Lion should go home with them after playgroup or bible study one week for a play. It has just never happened, there has always been something else on. Yesterday I started to wonder if a big boy playtime might be helpful for Lion and thought that tomorrow would be really convenient for me and that I should ask T if it's a good day for her. This morning I got to bible study and she told me that some OT students from the uni are coming tomorrow to do one of their prac assignments on B and they would like to do it with a friend there and could Lion come and do it too? I burst out with what I had been thinking and it just works out perfectly. B actually had tears at the end of bible study today because it isnt today that Lion is coming over. I was waiting till I got Lion in the car to tell him for that reason but B couldnt hold onto his excitement and filled Lion in on the details. Lion was jumping up and down and told me about 15 times that he is going home with B tomorrow and will I be coming? No? Oh, it's a big boy play without mummy? I am going to B's house to play in his backyard without you mummy, and we are going to................
It's almost more excitement than one nearly 4 year old can bear!
5 sleeps to go till the big 4!


  1. Oh I hope he has a wonderful time (& you enjoy your 'freedom'!!)!


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