Thursday, 23 October 2008

So, you want to take a cake to kindy? The self-help guide for first-time kindy mums.

Actually this is nothing of the sort. I am just fretting about the ideas that my darling Lion seems to have for the cake that we are taking to kindy tomorrow for his brithday (on sunday). Seemed simple enough to me when I had the idea... it's a construction site with most parts made out of duplo and I'll make the rocks. I know he will be thrilled with whatever I make but I can see a little competative streak in him for his mum to out-do all the other mums that have brought in cakes. I hope I don't disapoint.

I am helping out by being the "grown-up presence" at an excursion to the theatre tomorrow and then I'll stay for some cake after that. I got a special spot on the excursion because Lion was having nighmares about going on the bus (yes my nearly 4 year old has never been on a bus, public transport here is not so great). He has had a lot of people praying for him lately and it is making a difference, we were having a nightmare a night (not just about bus trips) and after we mentioned it while we were away this weekend one lovely man from our church was very concerned and when he lead the devotion/prayers before bed time that night he prayed for no nightmares and each morning he asked Lion if he had any nightmares and there were NONE! then we got home and this has continued, no nightmares, every night he stays in his own bed ALL NIGHT!

Here's Lion's previous birthday cakes... (minus his first birthday, I cant seem to get the CD drive to work, it was a Lion face)

Bob the Builder 2nd birthday

Roley 3rd birthday

I hope he's gone to sleep now so I can start it...


  1. Teddy and Kitcat both had their first bus ride today. It was a daycare excursion, and apparently Kitcat was not impressed with the bus!

    Good luck with the cake. Good on you for making a special one for his kindy. And you're right - he will love whatever you come up with!!

  2. Those cakes are amazing - you've done such a great job - I'm sure if it's anything like that, it will beat everyone else's (I just send cup cakes - I'm such a boring mum!)
    Nightmares are not fun -will be praying for Lion. Bus rides however are fun (my kids love going on the bus). Hope the excursion goes really well!

  3. Those cakes are AWESOME!!!!
    I remember (when I turned 8) I had a cake that was in the shape of a unicorn head. It was really pretty!!


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