Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Simple Pleasures

We took the boys to the Kite Festival on the weekend. I'll post pictures of that later but I wanted to share the boys exciting finds from their play on the beach with everyone. Wolf took the boys down onto the beach and I stayed on the grass with my sore toe, when they showed no signs of returning to me I went down to join them. Lion found some very precious seaweed. He was holding it like it was made of the finest silk, it was so lovely and although it was strewn along the whole beach like a great long scarf, he felt that only this particular handful was worthy of presenting to mummy. I'm the most spoilt mummy on earth!

Not to be outdone, Dragon needed to present mummy with a gift. Driftwood. It aparently was a very special piece of driftwood. He was sooooo excited about it and kept dropping it because he was too excited to hold onto it properly. It is actually quite a large piece of driftwood for this beach.

So what beach are they playing on?? It's one of the local "gem's" that the council brags about and goes on all our tourist stuff. It really is quite a lovely beach compared to what it once was (I would call it a man-made beach but the council insists they just gave nature a helping hand) , there is a free waterpark, plenty of cafe's, family friendly dining, parks, play equipment, stretches and stretches of beach, regular shark and crocodile patrols and vinegar and stinger nets in the stinger season! Fancy a North Queensland holiday???


  1. Definitely - I love it up there - I have a lot of famiy in the Cairns/ tableland area!
    It's great that you can enjoy the beach (I love the beach - wish I was there now!)
    Bet you enjoyed your "treasures"!

  2. Renata - We'll have a sunday sausage sizzle when you come! -Cairns is a swear word here! Although I have been hanging out for a tablelands holiday for ages! We had part of our honeymoon there!

  3. A friend who lived in Darwin for years told me about the little posts, with vinegar inside, situated at regular intervals along the beaches. This is the first time I've seen one.

  4. OMGosh! I was sitting here trying to figure out why you have vinegar on the beach (even after reading your post 3 times. LOL) Dumb me! We have LOTS of beaches here, but tend to have very few jelly fish & not even sure if we have stingers.

  5. Um, I am new to the whole vinegar on the beach thing. What/who does it repel again? Thanks for becoming a follower. It's nice to see you and I'll be back to see your blog too. Very neat stuff here.

  6. Sorry, non-NQ folk, Vinegar is supposed to help when you get a jellyfish sting, it soothes the sting and washes off the tenticles which keep stinging even after they are detached from the jelly, unless it's a deadly Irukandji then you... I'll just do a whole new post on living in North Queensland now...

  7. So glad you could appreciate my vacuum cord philosophi-zing. It shows you are a truly deep person! Hee hee!


  8. I wouldn't call it a man-made beach. There has always been a substantial beach there, it's that now it's been prettified. It's not like Cairns, where previously there was NO beach (only mudflats) but now they really have made a beach there.


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