Sunday, 5 October 2008

Wednesday is Playday

Since there is no point in trying to get anything done with these three in the house on wednesday afternoons we thought we would take them out somewhere so at least they weren't making anyones house messier. We thought we would go to the marina and take some photos of the boats but it's not the place you really want to be with these three. I got two shots of the boats neither of which is worth showing. So here's some shots that I do like...

Don't these two look like they are up to something.

I got a few good shots of them sharing this rocker. I wish they shared more things, I was expecting an outburst from dragon as little bear climbed on board but he actually stopped rocking to let her on.

My Lion.

Isn't he just the cutest little thing. I am having trouble with him turning 4 this month. I just want him to stay my little boy forever.

We were playing in ANZAC park. Lion has been asking a lot of questions lately about the army. we have an army couple living next door to us and we often hear the practice in the hills near us and the planes flying overhead. We explain that they are practicing so that if we need to be protected from naughty people they will know what to do. Also that sometimes they need to go and fight in countries where kids arent safe playing outside and families are taken away from each other and our army people go to their countries and help them to be safe from bad people. He was asking about the memorials at the park and I was explaining that some of our soldiers die while they are trying to protect other people and we put their names on plaques so we can remember who they are. He was particularly intreagued by being able to walk underneath the eternal flame and look on the map everywhere our army people have faught.

I love the weathered stone

Lion loved having his rocket with him. He wanted to have his photo taken with it, he picked where he wanted to stand and where the rocket should go. Then he wanted to swap places. He had such a great time posing for pictures. I just wish he would pose when I wanted him to.

My boys kept wanting to drink the fountain water. They also liked to play with the spouts of water shooting out.

My baby splashing around

And of course little bear was as photogenic as ever...

She really didnt want to hold anyones hand.

Isn't she a cutie?


  1. Little Bear is cute!
    Aeroplannes fly over our house too!!! They are really noisy sometimes!!
    :) :) :) :) :) :)

  2. The photos are lovely, and all the children are cuties.


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