Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Cow-Jumping the Tassie way...

Renata wrote this post which made me reminisce... and laugh but Renata would probably rather I didnt laugh at her pain. It made me remember something about my grandad who passed away in 2005.

My grandad bragged about his cow-jumping skills, we had heard him talk about cow-jumping a few times. It's something that must be seen to be believed. it's not being able to jump over a cow like it sounds, it's being able to make a cow jump, if you've seen a cows legs you'll know they arent designed for jumping. During the holidays between year 11 & 12 he took my sister and I down to Tassie to see where he grew up, meet more of the family and spend some time with him. We spent a bit of time at a dairy farm that his brother ran with his primary school teacher (a lovely woman who told us many stories of our Grandad's antics) one day and we insisted he show us what cow jumping really was... He lay face down near the cows and with cows being inquisitive creatures they slowly came over and all stood around just looking at the weird human laying in their paddock. He jumped up arms flailing, screaming and yelling and wouldnt you know it... THE COWS REALLY JUMPED!!!! Not high but all 4 hoofs off the ground at once. they were desperately trying to get over each other to get away from the crazy man in their field. It was a crazy thing...

I wish I had photos of it but unfortunately I have no idea where they are anymore.

Please dont try this one Renata :)


  1. LOL - I can just imagine this! Your grandad sounds like a lot of fun! I won't tell my kids about this otherwise they'll want to try it for sure!

  2. Renata - Good idea to not let the kids try it! Chimera and I were sure he was going to get cow-stomped!

  3. Funny! I've never heard of cow jumping.

    Where I live, cow TIPPING is very popular though. Poor cows.

  4. I think the Chimera has photos of the cow jumping episode. Maybe she will blog them (hint).

  5. I can just picture this in my mind. It has stiking similarities to HB's "Possum Jumping Technique."

  6. This one really made me burst out laughing, haha. Classic. Where was the dairy farm in Tas? We stayed at a Dairy Farm near Burnie when we went there last summer.


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