Sunday, 9 November 2008

Boys will be boys.

On two different blogs this week here & here I read about kids putting things in their ears. "Boy, I'm glad neither of my boys have put objects anywhere they shouldn't" Well, I shouldn't have thought anything so silly. I never asumed that I was immune from silly activities like boys shoving things where they dont belong but I was more relieved that it hadn't happened yet. Then it did. Last night I was cleaning up after dinner while the boys were still eating in the hope that they would eat enough to get some dessert when Lion informed me that 'I've got bits up my nose' and so it began... He had shoved some of his rice up his nose...

First we did the blow into a tissue. That got a little bit out. Lion said there was more up there so we kept going. I was careful not to damage anything but I certainly wanted to put a healthy dose of fear into my little Lion, out came the cotton buds and tweezers. Turns out there wasnt anymore up there it was just that irritating feeling left by the original bits that was still making him think there was more (we hope). I did however find that he has a very weird thing up his nose that I must ask the doctor about his 4 year old needles. It is a part of him, I know because he didnt like me trying to get it out with the cotton bud.
So, do you think he'll be shoving anything up this little piggy nose anytime soon??? Yeah, I think he will as well.
I do have to give him credit for a creative way of making me think he had eaten more than her really had.


  1. I never expected to have my child stick a rock in his ear. It's amazing what children think to do. I wonder what was going through his mind when he was shoving piece after piece of rice up his nose? lol. Poor baby. I'm glad you got it all out.

  2. I cant't even believe this? What's going on? A preschooler conspiracy to somehow dominate their parents?

    Oh no, they already do that, don't they!

  3. So... does this mean that in order to make playgrounds, homes and classrooms really child-safe we get rid of everything smaller than any orifice they can reach. It's a litigation minefield out there.

  4. We've had earring backs up the nose, peas, corn kernels, crayons....let me think...seems like have been some other items, but that's probably a long enough list for now...

    Glad he's all cleared out (for the moment...) ;o)

    Thanks for the comment for 4 of 8--she's healing up, but has had a rough go of it, lots of pain and swelling--but thankfully is now keeping down food and playing video games, all good signs in my book!


  5. Oh no! I'm lucky so far we haven't had any objects in cavities where they shouldn't be (Note I said so far!) Intrigued by that unusual thing you saw up there - trying to think what it could be (brain strain for long forgotten anatomy lectures) - sorry you'll have to ask the dr!

  6. I can sympathise with children sticking things in their nose and in their ears - and it wasn't my boy! Glad you were able to get the rice out yourself. Mousie's sultana-up-the-nose episode cost us $170 (but we did get a 'free' pair or tweezers.)


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