Friday, 21 November 2008

I'm done saving the planet

I've had it, I'm finished, I'm not saving the planet anymore.

Well not with my dishwasher anyway.

It all started after we made jelly... Dragon was a little baby and Lion and I were making some jelly for dessert, I let Lion eat some straight jelly crystals, he loved them! (yeah, so I wasnt that surprised that he loved them) we had finished and had put it in the fridge and were cleaning the kitchen... Lion loved to help and with only one child helping at that time I acutally encouraged it... We loaded the dishwasher and Lions job was always to close the detergent cover after I put the powder in... we had never had a problem... until that day... Lion thought the powder looked just like jelly crystals so as I put the container up he quick smart shoved his finger into the detergent and then popped it in his mouth... I think our looks probably mirrored each others... his horror that it wasnt jelly crystals... and my horror that my baby had just shoved a mildly corrosive powder into his mouth! I pulled his finger out, got him to spit, spit, spit, rinse, spit, rinse, spit, bad mother, bad, bad mother... nothing wrong with him, he didnt get enough to do any damage, but I was so worried... I just didn't want to do that again... So I started looking for something good for us and good for the environment and I found TriNature...

I really liked it, they claimed that it is edible (not tasty but wouldnt hurt you) but I only had a sample size pouch and I could only get it mail order... I kept looking and I tried Neways...I tried their recommended amount... I tried more... less... it didn't work... my glasses were cloudy, it was leaving a residue on EVERYTHING... I was not really impressed with it so I kept looking and I found Natural Instinct...At first I was happy, I found the right amount for my dishwasher and it was all going fine... then I started noticing a residue building up on my glasses, then some plates were starting to get a residue, then the inside of the dishwasher was starting to get yucky, I tried to clean it but it didnt want to be cleaned... I asked my sister to bring "dishwasher cleaner" when she came round one day meaning those nifty little stinky things that clean the dishwasher on an empty cycle... She brought around these...I could see the difference on the first wash, my dishwasher looked cleaner and my glasses and plates were deffinatley cleaner... They are tablets so there is no powder to eat... each one is wrapped in a special "hydrofilm" that dissolves in the dishwasher so you dont even need to unwrap the tablet (I was about 4 tablets into the box before I realised this). My glasses sparkle, there is never any residue left on the plates. I really noticed it this morning when a glass that I obviously havent used for a while came out of the dishwasher and I had thought that it was a cloudy glass (it's that coloured mexican glass type stuff) and it wasnt, it was crystal clear!

So there you have it, I'll compost, recycle, reuse, but I wont be using nature friendly dishwasher stuff.


  1. Ewwww! lol. Poor baby. I couldn't imagine what that stuff tastes like. My son licked the top of a bottle of Comet one time when I was cleaning the bathroom. He was maybe 2 and was following behind me while I was cleaning. I set the bottle down for just a second and for some reason he felt teh need to lick it. I freaked and started making him do the rinse, spit, rinse, spit maneuver.

    If I would have thought about it, I would have taken a poll this time around. I had forgotten how rude people can be when it comes to pregnant bellies. I love touching pregnant bellies too but I always ask first unless they are really good friends of mine and I know they won't mind. Let me know how it turns out...after you get pregnant. lol

  2. Same here--there are absolutely certain things that I do to help the planet--but sometimes a girl needs a good, corrosive, bubble-generating, paint peeling cleaner to do the job---



  3. And you never know ... in 10 years 'they' may well tell us that the eco-friendly stuff was bad for our health anyway. These things change all the time.

  4. I use the dishwasher tablets as well. I've been trying the generic brands however & have been quite happy with the aldi one!

  5. You're too funny. Do what works! It's all about balance.

    Me - I don't use dishwasher detergent or a dishwasher - but neither do I handwash dishes. My girls do it!

  6. we have only just got our dishwasher so we are still 'experimenting' with powder and tablets (currently using the Aldi one's). Now I know the 'natural' one's dont work aswel I will steer clear of them.


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