Saturday, 22 November 2008

Lion Discovers Humour

For those who can't speak Spanish or understand Lion's accent, here is the transcription:

Lion: What do you call a cat on a rug?

Wolf & Mummy Talk.

Lion's Answer: DUST! So you can vacuum it up... and then it goes MAOW!! .... meow

Not to be outdone Dragon decided he needed to tell a joke as well.

-Wolf McT

P.S. Sorry about the orientation of the videos, it was the way my phone did it. Maybe one day when I get a free program that lets me rotate it I will fix it. Any one know of any free software to do so?


  1. Ha Ha! Hope the RSPCA doesn't her this joke!

  2. Ha, ha! Lion you are one funny little guy. That is the sort of joke that Uncle Wilbie loves! If only the cat that digs up our garden every day was that easy to relocate.

  3. That's quite a funny joke Lion!!
    You're a good joke teller!!

  4. I ADORE the accents!!! All 4 of them!

  5. I have a free program that rotates video or even parts of video. I thought you knew that.


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