Thursday, 20 November 2008

Wisdom of a Lion

Sorry, no photos for this post, I'm not supposed to be blogging so I am trying to be speedy.

Lion has offered some gems lately. I often feel like we blog more about Lion than Dragon but Lion can talk so he makes the most sense. Althought Dragon is cooking me dinner at the moment with my Quick Chef (minus the blades) and yelling every few miuntes "DINNER READY"

Out and about this morning and from the back seat I hear...

Mummy, what's this from up my nose, because it's not coloured like a booger?

Well, not all boogers are booger coloured.

But it's not sticky like a booger either.

Okay, well you hold onto it until we get to the shops and show me.

Thankfully he didn't so I never saw what I can only assume was a non-booger-coloured and non-booger-consistancy booger.

Last Friday he made me cry... not a "tearing my hair out cry" but a "my boy is getting so grown up cry"

We were off to kindy and, as I find is best, I left it to the last minute to tell him that he was going for a sleep over at Aunty Chimera's that night. If I told him earlier he wouldnt have slept the night before. We are in the car and he informed me that he wants Aunty Chimera to pick him up from kindy...

But I would like to pick you up from kindy, I like to do that.

Oh, okay... But when we get to Aunty Chimera's you just need to unbuckle me and open her big gate and I will go in by myself, you dont come up the stairs. I will go up and knock on the door myself.

At this point mummy starts to tear up... It could have been that I was up at 5:30am too... it had been a long morning by this point... Oh sweetie, it will make me sad if I dont get to walk you inside. I wont stay, you will stay for a sleepover and I will go straight home.

getting a very concerned look that he has upset mummy... Oh, I know, I have a special job for you (this is sounding rather familiar to me, perhaps just like something I would say to him) You can come to kindy and open those gates for me and sign me out.

Ah, the old "distract-her-with-a-meaningless-job-that-I-make-sound-really-important-by-the-tone-of-my-voice-so-that-she-wont-be-upset-at-not-getting-to-do-what-she-is-really-asking-to-do" trick. He got me at my own game.

But what a darling that he knows my tricks and has still made me think that I am tricking him when I use them.

There was something else from our car trip this morning but I cant for the life of me remember what it was.


  1. He is a smart boy! That is just so cute (the 'special job', not the bogger)! Boys will be boys - just wait til he has a bogger collection!

  2. Aw, dragon. You can come cook dinner for me sometime. Cousin Wilbie will help by pulling out every untensil and container that he can manage to get out of our kitchen cupboard (his new favourite game).

  3. Oh... sounds like your lion and my Chandler would strike up a very interesting and entertaining conversation if they had the opportunity!

  4. How clever that little Lion is ... And how grown up too. I hope you got to walk him in after all.


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