Thursday, 20 November 2008

Car War-shh

Lion washing the Bigger Mans Bus

I dragged the family along to a car wash the other day. We did it to raise some funds for friends of ours going over to Vanuatu on a short term mission trip. Dragon came because there was a sausage sizzle, Lion came because Aria, his new crush was going to be there, and Mummy McT came because I asked her too.

When we first got there you had your standard 4 door sedans coming through, and Lion was sort of interested in helping out, he wanted to use the hose mostly. Then along came a few Utes, and Lion started getting more enthusiastic and even grabbed a sponge and started rubbing with all his might on the bull-bars of the Utes, but then something came along which made him drop everything (literally -including the sponge he was using into the gritty dirt) and take off towards the end of the line.

Lion: 'DADDY Daddy I want to wash this one, quick grab the ladder!'
Wolf: How about we finish the one we were cleaning and then work our way along towards the end of the line?'
Lion: 'No Daddy these cars are for babies, let Dragon wash them, I want to wash THE BUS!'
Wolf: 'I thought you liked Utes? Utes are a MAN'S car'
Lion: 'hhhmmm, yesss but the bus is BIGGER! It's a Bigger Mans cars, its for big boys and big men, quick grab the ladder I want to wash it now.'

Lion quite pleased with his efforts

Once he had finished with the Bigger Mans Bus, Lion lets out a theatrical sigh and says, 'Now I've finished that I deserve a MAN'S drink, can I have a coke?' to which Mummy McT replys......

-Wolf McT


  1. LOL - what a cute boy - glad he could help wash the bus after all!

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  3. I like the logic behind his reasoning.

    Come wash our car whenever you like - except you'll have to bring your own water because we are still on restrictions.

  4. Any time you want us to start shipping our water down there just let us know, hmm...1L=1kg... might get expensive... but it'd probably be cheaper than the excess water bill and fine you'd cop for using a hose! We'd send it by mail since you cant have water on planes anymore :)


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