Friday, 14 November 2008


It's not yet 6am...
Delight of my life #1 woke up and refused to go back to sleep. I told him it's not wake up time yet, go back to sleep. He said he couldn't find his gecko, so he went looking for it in the dark bedroom of Delight of my life #2. Of course he needed to turn on the light to find it. Now this wakes up Delight of my life #2.

I am cranky.


This is honesty.

This is who I am before Midday 6am .

While I am being honest that I do occasionally get cranky, do you wanna know what else has made me cranky this week?

Of course you do.

Can you see what's missing from this picture???

That's right, it's the other 93,714,879 pieces of my front passenger window. And the 6 or so pieces that are here really arent doing all that much good by themselves. Did you know that a car window is made up of over 93,714,879 pieces? well it is and a lot of them went all through my car.

Oh, and you cant really tell from this picture but my handbag is also missing.

I was at a Tupperware meeting and before I went in I grabbed my handbag and realised that my wallet wasnt in it. So I rifled through it for change and found 20c (left it, wasn't going to do me much good all alone, sort of like those window bits) and I shoved my handbag half under the seat. Fast forward to the end of the meeting.

I walk back out to the car with my haul of free tupperware for the night (I love the gifts!) and instead of my usual open the drivers side door and toss it all across I walked round to the footpath side. "I've parked in a pile of glass, what an idiot" I think as I see a rather large mound of glass on the ground. I look up at the door and realise that I didnt park in a pile of glass, that is my window all over the ground. It's a dark area so I hightail it back to the office to get someone else to come and investigate with me.

In the end, long story short, it's a very late night of car dramas. The next day I went to get the window replaced and they didnt have one in town so it had to be overnighted here and I had to face not having air con the next day as well. But I was thanking God that our insurance covered it with no excess! Aparently our insurer brought in a clause a few years back for some of their policies where front and rear windows counted for their no excess cover and side glass didnt. YAY, we werent on one of those policies. I hav eno idea how much it would have cost all up but I am sure that since it took 3 housr to fix, it wouldnt have been cheap.

So what did they take I hear you asking??? well, this is where it is almost funny. Well, it is funny to other people who didnt have to survive 2 days without air con in their car or deal with making a police report at 10:30 at night.

They took the handbag which was a mothers day present but I'm in touch with reality and never get too attached to handbags, they all die eventually and this one was starting to need replacing. The handbag did have one of my favourite pieces of tupperware in it (that is really hard to get hold of even if you are a dealer) with arnica tablets for all our bumps and bangs. It had my cheap sunnies that I bought to replace my favourite ones that are missing, I never wear these sunnies because they make my eyeballs sweat, but that's a whole other post. There was a whole wad of used tissues in there, and some spare tampons. That's what they got with the handbag, they did however rifle through the glove box as well. They took nothing of any value from there, just a little cardboard box that probably looked like it would be a great place to hide money but guess what.... it had more tampons in it. I do have a habit of throwing a spare one in once a month and never using them so there was quite a stash.

There was $100's in Tupperware in my car. It was all still there. they didnt open the door at all, they just broke the window and took what they could reach.

Guess what makes me happy???? My Tupperware manager is having a handbag party tonight!!!!

And what else???? I am going to be a manager now!!! I have my 4 recruits to make up my own little team. YAY!

Well, it's getting closer to wake up time, I might go make these little delights some breakfast.


  1. Ah, the famous Australian tampon thief strikes again!

  2. suburbancorrespondent made me laugh and reminded me of a funny tampon event back in 1975. We didn't talk about such things then, but it might be worth a blog soon. Times have changed

  3. That had to be an upsetting evening for the theif! All he came home with was a worn out mom's purse and some tampons!

    Karma strikes again:)

  4. I'm sorry to hear that you had this happen - what an awful incident (thankfully they only got away with so little, but none the less it's awful to have your car window shattered). Glad your insurance covered it - we always get the glass extra on ours as out here cracked windscreens are a way of life.
    You don't want to see or talk to me before 6:30am in the mornings - thankfully Dave has to get up to leave for work at 6:40am , so he deals with anything before than!

  5. Sorry to hear about the car break-in. It happened to us once and was not nice at all (and all they stole was the bag of parking meter change in the glovebox - maybe $2 worth.)

    Good on you for going so far so quickly with the tupperware business.

  6. Can you just hear his sentencing before the judge? "And for the crime of feminine hygiene product theft costing $xxx.xx ... " Shameful. I hope he gets caught. Definitely deserves a Darwin Award.


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