Friday, 14 November 2008

What you've all been waiting for...

This is the birthday post. I thought I probably should get it done before a whole month passes since their birthdays. First to answer the question on everybody's lips... So how did the Monkey cake turn out????

Well, it looks like Wolf gives it his thumbs up. *** wouldnt you know it he did his sillyness in the best shot of the lot*** I started to put a little glint in his eyes for realism but decided I wouldnt be able to stick a knife in it if I did that.

That is the on-the-bench-as-soon-as-it's-finished-in-the-middle-of-all-the-decorating-mess-get-some-photos-just-in-case-anything-happens photo. Now for the real-thing-candles-and-all photo...

Of course there wasnt a big old smudge in the corner, that is where i smudged out his real name in the photo (you didnt really think his name was dragon did you???)

Lion got the digger and chocolate crackle construction site cake again. This time with his precious Bob the Builder candle on it. We bought that for his second birthday off eBay, it survived the post (candles dont post well to North Queensland as I guess you can imagine) and he had it on his second cake and third cake and now fourth cake... for 99c I think I am doing well, he wont let Dragon use it. He did allow daddy to use it for his last birthday pie.
For their birthdays they got a whole slew of great toys. Lion got his first REAL bike. It was cousin Cheetah's bike that he had grown out of and Uncle R and Aunty J cleaned it up and put some training wheels on it. Lion LOVES it.

But when that scary unmanned scooter starts chasing you just put your head down and GO GO GO!!!

They both got John Deer farm equipment. Lion got a Digger and Dragon got a dump truck. Dragon decided to ride Lion's digger and Little Bear climbed on too. He does look rather annoyed with his new hood ornament! It's not a ride on toy, it's just so big that they can ride it.

Lion also got a jackhammer. But it's going back. What's a birthday without at least one dangerously defective toy. There will be letters to Bosch who brand it, the company that manufacturers it for Bosch, Target who sell it and product recalls who need to know that it was seriously faulty. It didnt come with batteries, so being a good mummy I chucked some in the night before when I wrapped it. We took it out and started it up and they had a bit of fun but it started making a weird noise. We tried turning it off and on again but it wouldnt turn off. And then it started making a really weird noise even in the off position... so we took the batteries out, which were REALLY hot! That really worried me. So back it goes...

They each got a sword and shield for their birthdays. Actually between the two birthdays. I couldnt deal with giving lion his and dragon knew that there was going to be one for him (he was with me when I bought them) and it seemed like I was giving a 4 day head start to the beating Dragon would receive if I let Lion have his first. They are a hit!

Dragon loves his new chair that his Great-Grandma gave him. He goes out ont he patio and just sits in it and watches Lion play. He also loves his new Bob the Builder shirt from Aunty and Uncle Wilbie and Little Wilbie. It came with a cup which he has used every day since!
If you are still with me after this long post, I thank you. It's done now, I have posted the birthdays. Actually, not quite. The first birthday post had some photos I didnt tell you about... Lion got a Wall-e toy that talks to you in gibberish. He loves it. We havent seen the movie yet but he knows about it somehow. It responds to any noises you make, it is kinda cute. Dragon got a remote control dinosaur. It's gone back too. It had crossed wires that meant it's head was doing whatever it felt like doing when you pressed the button, sometimes noise and no movement, or movement and no noise, or neither or both or weird non-dinosaur noises. There were no more when I took it back so I got a much cooler (in my opinion) little kids remote control car made by matchbox. it's great, but it sucks the life right out of the batteries!
This is how birthdays go for us. there is always something faulty or broken that needs returning.
Oh, and lion's jackhammer was replaced with a cool flashing soccerball and flashing headbands for playing soccer at night except that Lion is too scared to go anywhere dark enough to use it!


  1. Sounds like a great birthday, even despite the fautly toy. Cakes looked great.

  2. The cakes look wonderful - good job there! Sounds like good birthdays were had! (and don't we breath a sigh of relief once their over for the year LOL) Some lovely pressies - shame about the faulty ones though.

  3. Happy Birthday Lion and Dragon!!
    Hope you had a GREAT day!!
    Love, cousin Possum xxoo

    P.S The birthday cakes look AWESOME!!

  4. I know this is nit-picking but- Uncle R put the wheels on the bike, but he wasn't the one who cleaned and polished and blackened the tyres (not Aunty J either)... I just thought I would make that clear. He did spray the chain with chain oil.

  5. Looks like a great time was had by all! And the monkey cake turned out great!



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