Friday, 28 November 2008

What a Turkey!

I am feeling a little frantic at the moment but I am sweating like a pig so I am taking a break...

From this.....

it was just too much to bear in full colour, so I muted it a little to lessen the impact...

Really, it's not as bad as it looks, there are a LOT of dishes there from cleaning out the fridge for bin night and boxes that were supposed to go to kindy this morning, and footballs, and miscellaneous kitchen appliances... and I'm just making excuses, it's horrid. It's not this bad anymore, I couldnt post this picture until I had at least made a dint in it. And if I had pushed the dishwasher drawers in and closed it up it would have looked better... really... it's not that bad...

I need to get it clean so that I can start cooking for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. Yes, I know that we will be 48 hours late but guess what, we dont get a holiday to cook here!

It all started so innocently... I get a craving for pumpkin pie at this time every year... I love it, pumpkin is my favourite vegetable and to be allowed to make something sweet from it makes it even better (but I can give you some fantastic recipes for savoury pumpkin dishes that even the kids will eat). So I suggested to Wolf that I make a pumpkin pie. He thought that was a great idea "as long as I get some turkey". Fair enough, "we'll have a little thanksgiving dinner" I say meaning turkey and roast veg for dinner and pumpkin pie for dessert. He hears "I'll do you a thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings like your mum and grandma did for you at home".

So now I am roasting 2 turkey hindquarters, baking a pumpkin pie, doing corn on the cob, some noodle thing, potatoes, beans...

I have never roasted turkey that didnt come rolled and in an alfoil tray with instructions on the box... I am hoping it works out for me. This noodle thing... I think the message was that I should cook it with the gibblets. My hind quarters dont have gibblets so I'm just gonna improvise... (um, that should be "the hindquarters I bought dont have gibblets")

Still, we have plenty to be thankful for... Wolf's mum doesnt have asbestosis(original diagnosis here and update here)... Our kids are healthy... We are healthy... We are getting rain... Even with the "childcare crisis" here Lion has been approved for two days for pre-prep that work great with our schedule... With all this rain we will most likely have at least another summer with no construction behind us (bet the developers arent so thrilled about that though)... It is looking like a good rainy summer so hopefully we will have a great summer veggie patch (thankful for it before it even happens)...

So as I go off to keep cleaning... pray for me... actually better still pray for my poor family who has to eat whatever I churn out and pretend to like it.

And email me your pumpkin pie recipes... please... my email is in my profile on the left hand side.


  1. Oh yum! I want to come to your house.

    Although I did get my pumpkin pie fix last Monday - a lady in our bible study is American and she made one to share with us.

    Hope you enjoy the meal, even though you were the cook. (And I didn't mean that to sound like you are a bad cook. I meant that I know that when I've slaved over a meal, especially in the heat, I quite often don't enjoy it as much as if someone else did the slaving.)

  2. Mum-me- NOnono, please dont come to our house! We'd love to see you of course but to be responsible for poisoning my husband and kids is one thing but to poison others (even if you are family) would make me never cook again... actually scrap that, if I can get out of cooking ever again this has potential... we are eating at 6:30.

    I knew what you meant about my cooking... sometimes you just dont feel like eating it after all that work... well, perhaps I do want to eat it but yeah, I dont enjoy it as much.

  3. Oh, bless your heart. Wow.

    At least you should have some good eats for all the effort!!


  4. Now that is a real-life picture! You really helped in lowering the bar for all those over-anxious high acheiving moms! (I'm just kidding - but it is important to be authentic!) Think of all the love and goodness that went into making such a mess! (And I have to add, the photoshopping you did made it look so much more romantic!)

    Your hindquarters remark made me laugh out loud. That always makes the kids suspicious... "What are you doing, Mom?"

  5. YUM! That dinner sounds lovely. Does Wolf have American ancestory?
    Hope you had fun creating (don't worry turkeys aren't that bad - we do ours for Christmas!) If you get any great pumpkin pie recipes please pass them along - I've always wanted to try making one, but never have - I've only ever had pumpkin as a savoury dish!

  6. You know, I just realized I never posted a comment after you first posted this pic. I LOVE it and wanted you to know that you're not alone. Honestly, if it wasn't for my husband my kitchen would pretty much always look like this :)


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