Saturday, 29 November 2008

Just eat it....

I'm making brandy snaps filled with rum custard for dessert tonight and I have the custard cooling on the bench... it has just formed a skin... do you know how yummy custard skin is while it's still hot??? I think my biggest problem was the first taste... the second and third and fourth were bound to follow...

perhaps I should have made more....


  1. mmmm... custard skin....yummo....I think I might need to go make some custard now.LOL

  2. Sounds wonderful!!!


  3. Would you believe I've never eaten the custard skin - in fact I throw it out - will have to give it a try next time I make custard!

  4. That sounds really yummy!!

    I think your post over at Octamom about the kids saying, "Daddy wears pink undies!" when you take the Christmas picture or any picture, is ingenius!! (sp?) Thank you so much for sharing!! High Five!

  5. Darling boys! Yum, custard, I always have to triple any recipe around here. Just too many snitchers, me included.


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