Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Apple's Not Far From The Tree

Everyone says how much Dragon looks like his mummy, but when he put on my glasses, tonight, and had a giggle about it I saw someone else's resemblance. He reminded me of his 'Pappap', my Dad.

Dad, or 'Pappap you can read his blog here

Dragon, you are reading his blog now.

-Wolf McT


  1. Thomas jammies, cute!
    I see the resemblance.

    He's such a cutie, both of them.

  2. Those are definately a matching set of cheeks!

  3. They do look a like! So funny! And so cute! Well, the little one anyhow. :-)

  4. Thanks for showing that photo to the whole world - I'm sure there are much better ones around and self-portrait photos never seem to work anyway. But I'm real proud to think that I look like such a handsome young man as Lion.

  5. Are you sure that's Dragon? Looks like Lion to me. Anyway Dragon is a handsome young man too!


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