Saturday, 20 December 2008

Sweet Innocence

Lion came home from 'Kindy' the other day with his newest creation. He was so proud of it Mummy McT had to swing by work so he could come in and show it to me. It was an amazing piece of work. It brought on a fit of giggles for Mummy McT and Aunty J, who works with me. They acted like a bunch of schoolgirls. I, however, was quite proud of his construction.

Lion had made a Rocketship! Yes a Rocketship just like Mr Squiggles. He happily showed it off to everyone present and then zoomed it around the shop, through the card section where old ladies were browsing for the most flowerly card in the shop, blissfully unaware they were about to have a 'Rocketship' zoom past them. Through the music section where young punks with death metal t-shirts 'high-fived' him as he flew the 'rocketship' past them, stopping only when he came to a pile of green tinsel which he turned into a grassy knol, 'Look Daddy! Rocket has landed on the grass!'

Such an imagination, such an innocent young thing. I just wonder what his kindy teachers thought when they were helping him build it. I asked him if it was his idea and if anyone helped him, 'No I made it up all by myself... oh and but Miss C (his Kindy teacher) held it for me and helped me tape on the booster rockets and the nose cone.


  1. That is so funny, I just love boys.
    I can just picture his teacher trying not to giggle as she held rocket ship for taping.

    My #7 came in one day with two paper rolls stuck down the back of his pants, Look Mom", he said, I'm a Rocket, I can go faster."

  2. His serious but innocent expression is so sweet under the circumstances.

  3. Is there something funny about the rocket?


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