Thursday, 11 December 2008

Pink spots, purple spots, green spots, yellow spots, red spots....

Okay, okay there are no green or yellow spots... YET. But we have the rest of them covered.

Arent you all so lovely for your comments. I checked for comments this morning as we were about to head out to our path appointment hoping that there might be one encouraging word for me (because I felt like bursting into tears and throwing up and crashing in a heap all at once) and there were stacks of lovely comments. Thank you for praying.

For the few questions that were there... No, it doesnt itch. No, it's not scarlet fever (we had a case at Lion's kindy a few weeks back so I was a little concerned about that). They didnt tell me how to use the collection bag for his urine sample. He hated it so I tried putting him in the bath tub, giving him a HUGE drink and splashing him with water alternating warm then cool to try and get anything out of him straight into the cup. That didnt work. In the end he did wee while we were doing the blood test but the bag had come away so it had all of 2 drops in it. They showed me how to get it on properly the next time and we left the path lab with a fresh one in place, picked up Lion and we were able to drive straight back and give them the filled bag (sealed up in a container).

They wrapped him for the blood test and he had 3 of us holding him down "because he has quite a kick on him" as the pathologist said. Next time I'll take the legs, looking into his eyes was horrible. Telling him I know how it feels but not doing anything about it was horrible for both of us.

He is also getting some tests for what might cause his "drinking problem". It may just be an OCD type thing or it may be something more sinister but he DRINKS. We often have to take his drink off him at dinner because he will not eat and just keep asking for more to drink. He will drink 2L or more of water a day which is quite a bit and has been doing this for a while so we figured it's time to get this checked out.

Thank you again, I'll be sure to post teh results when we know them. Our next apointment is 10am tomorrow with the wonderful Dr J.


  1. Thanks for the update - and yes, isn't is horrible to have to make your child go through the pain of blood tests or immunisations? They don't care that it's for their own good.

  2. We'll be praying for him - and for you - we know it's not easy and also not a good time to get sick with holidays coming on.
    Love yas

  3. Oh! My Chandler cut the bottom of her toe open on a piece of broken glass when she was less than 2 years old... I had to hold her down in the Emergency Room so that they could attempt to clean the wound and get her to x-ray to make sure they got all of the glass.... that was HORRIBLE!
    They finally had to sedate her because she was kicking and screaming so violently! Terrible, terrible, terrible experience!

    Still praying for Dragon! :)


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