Thursday, 11 December 2008

So this is Christmas....

Ahhh, nothing says Christmas like the smell of....

Body Odour in a crowded shopping centre?

We had storms a few nights ago. The roof leaked and it busted the air con at one of our main shopping centres. May I just remind you northern hemisphere folk that it's summer here and we live in TROPICAL North Queensland. The stink of all those bodies hustling past each other and the stress induced sweating and the lack of air con not helping and... and... and... YUCK!

We met a lovely super wonderful friend of mine for coffee after the blood test because I needed to download and she has finished for the year so was free. We did have a lovely coffee (we picked a good cafe so that we didnt have stinkies sitting around us) and I found that the junk shop had all new stickers in and so I overloaded on stickers (and they had some removable wall ones for $3 a pack so I am going to finally do the boys room with diggers and cement mixers and road work signs) because I was almost out but didnt feel like getting the same boring ones I always seem to find.

I actually went into the junk shop to buy glitter for the boys to make our christmas cards. Many of you have Thanksgiving to let you know that christmas is getting close and you should send out cards and get all the gifts together. We here in Australia just have to deal with it when it gets to 2 weeks to christmas and you go "oops, better get crackin' on that one" So on Tuesday when I went to the shops it was rather civilised still, on Wednesday it was crazy and on Thursday it was Psycho. I have presents to buy, I have nothing! I have to go the the shops with the worst parking to pick up our portraits, and I cant sneak in early in the morning, they only allow collections after 1pm. I am going to get through this week and then I will get cracking on christmas stuff.

So what else says Christmas. Aparently dead bugs all over the house Christmas morn. My sister wants to get her house fumigated before Christmas. When you get your house sprayed from what I have heard you just wake up one morning a few days later and every bug in the neighbourhood has crawled out onto your floor to slowly die. She is having the family (her hubby's side) for christmas dinner and we are rocking around for a bit of a morning tea or something to get our present giving done before the big E.X.T.E.N.D.E.D family thing that night. I can just see us getting there finding her picking up the last of the bugs that chose christmas morning to cark in on her kitchen floor. What if something like this happens with her precious little bear? Can you imagine being that poor kid when she grows up and her mum blogs something like that about her? Hang on... that baby looks sorta familiar...

Had my vent of all thing irrelevant for tonight.


  1. My friend from Sydney that I visited back in September has been telling me about how warm it has been there lately... I'm jealous, but when I think about all those sweaty, stinky people crowded into a shopping center... ugh! Not so jealous of that!
    Glad you had a good visit with your friend... Coffee breaks with a girlfriend are high on my list of fun things I would like to do daily! :)

  2. Hey, hang in there with all the tests, but man...that is not a good thing for a shopping mall is it? Yikes! And...eeeeewwww on the bugs. Maybe throw a couple in the stuffing? :-)

  3. LOL - loving those old posts and your your mum's as well.

    I never really thought about it, but do you have a whole different set of traditional "Christmas movies/cartoons" that take place in tropical weather instead of snow? :)

  4. Shopping through the body odour? No thanks. Online shopping for me.

  5. I agree what happened to summer folks???
    I had to brave the shopping centres this week. mmmm not my idea of a nice day. It will be worse next week when the rest of us get our bonus's from the government. I will not be going anywhere near the shop's. I'll help the economy after christmas when I have to get my kids ready for school again thanks.
    Tell your sister she should have had her house sprayed a few weeks ago. She will end up with dead creepy crawlies for awhile after she has it done. and yes it seems all the nieghbourhoods bugs come to your place to die. gross...

  6. Uggg, I hate pest problems. I read your Mums' post about your youthful breakfast preferences a while back.

    Christmas morning with one sister who's killing bugs and one who used to eat them plus a spotty boy. Sounds pretty crazy.

    Have a great day!

  7. For Julie B: Unfortunately we don't have a whole set of appropriate tropical Christmas culture stuff. So kids grow up a bit confused about the snow and Santa who wears woolies in the middle of Summer etc. I would love to change that, but Christmas's European origins are hard to overcome.


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