Sunday, 7 December 2008

A Proud Mummy Responds

Dragon and Lion this winter in their matching "Army Jarmies"
Taken on Wolf's phone so not the best quality.

After we had a few questions/comments that needed a response from yesterday's post on prayer and we then had another lovely little bonding/prayer moment this morning I thought I would write a whole new post instead of just adding my extras to the comments section of the previous post...

Boy Mom - If it's ok, I added you to my blog roll.

No, No, please dont make a link to our blog, please NOOOOOO... Oh, alright then, go ahead. ***she says secretly trying to hide the fact that she is over the moon if anyone even comments so linking to her just about sends her into fits of "happy dancing"***

Julie B. - That is really cute!! How old are Lion and Dragon?

Lion turned 4 in October and Dragon turned 2 in October 4 days later. Yes he is terrible twoing at the moment but we are getting out of it pretty easily, they are generally so delightful to be around.

Grannysaurus - That would have brought a tear to my eye if I had been there. He is soooo lovable!

I did have a huge chunk in my throat (sounds like I was about to hurl, let me rephrase that...) I had a huge LUMP in my throat, it was so sweet I just wanted to pick them up and eat them!

Saint Bernard - It's an old but true saying - "The family that prays together, stays together" - so keep on encouraging the boys (and one day you'll have three wolves). I thought it was wonderful too.

I do believe a wise old man told us something along these lines at our wedding :)


SO... Today at lunch time I asked Dragon to put something in the bin for me and he did his "wanchoo, waaanchooooo, wanchoo, waaaanchoo" thing. That means "I want you" and it can be translated to mean "pick me up" "come with me" "you do it for me" "I am just being totally disagreable and I dont really want anything other than to stop you doing whatever it is you are doing"
I told him it's okay he can go and put it in the kitchen bin by himself, he'll be fine. Lion came up and put his hand on Dragon's arm and said "It's okay, all you have to do is pray all the way there then you can pray all the way back" So I told Lion that I thought he should go with Dragon to show him and they both wandered off, Lion sang a song for God on the way (he wouldnt tell me which song but I have an inkling it was probably something by Roxette) and Dragon wandered off eyes pinched together so he could only just see out of them saying "God.......God...God.........God.........God....God......God.....MEN" Lion got back first and when Dragon got back he put his hand on Dragons shoulder and says in a very matter of fact voice... "so did you run all the way back?"

What sweet boys we have.


  1. How could anyone not love them, even without my reasons for a slight bias. . . ?

  2. my favorite thing ever is the friendship between my boys.

    Thanks for the mention I'm the same way over comments, there my addiction.

  3. Very cute! Especially Dragon's 'prayer'.

  4. Your boys are just too cute! I love their pet names.

  5. Just so cute! Love the fact that he attempted to close his eyes while going to the bin!!


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