Saturday, 6 December 2008

Dear God,

Come with me... I am going to get a nappy for Mummy and Dragon from Dragon's room... Now I have a nappy... I am going back to take it to Mummy... I'm not scared. Amen

That was Lion's prayer as he went to do something responsible for me and get a fresh nappy for Dragon. At first he ran off and came back an instant later and said he was scared (we were all in the lounge room and the rest of the house was empty), I told him he didnt need to be scared. He decided himself that he should pray while he went and I told him that was a great idea and can he pray loud enough so that I can hear what he is saying... off he goes... It is just like a letter a little kid would dictate for their mum to write. He even said it like that, like it was bullet points on a list.

He is getting better with the idea that mummy and daddy dont have to pray for him, he can say the words himself beyond "Dear God, thank you for Jesus, Amen" (the prayer he learnt first day of Sunday School this year) and saying grace. I am loving the things he comes up with to pray about...

Dear God, My Mummy smells lovely, Amen. -yep, God needed to know that one!

Dear God, Please help the naughty trucks to not run over me flat and squish me in my dreams, Amen. -we are trying to get him to be the one that prays after his nightmares.

Dear God, my shoes are nice, Amen. -um, and Dragon is the one with the shoe fettish, not sure where this came from.

Dragon is catching on too (second ones always get these things faster)
*closes eyes, bows head, clutches hands together infront of his pudgy little nose, stays silent for a second or two* "Men" (translation "Amen")

I am proud of my little boys. I was so proud of Lion that he thought himself that it would be a great time to pray and his first instinct was to pray HIMSELF!

***completely off topic... thank you to everyone who has given me awards, I will post them all (at least the ones I can find/have kept track of) eventually, I am getting there, I have a post half written, so much to blog, so little time.***


  1. So sweet, I love when they learn to pray.

    The scared of everything and bad dreams phase seems to be universal to little boys.

    When we read books my boys always say amen when we come to the last page. It makes me chuckle.

    If it's ok, I added you to my blog roll.

  2. It is beautiful when little ones talk to God from their hearts.

  3. That is really cute!! How old are Lion and Dragon?

    Katie does a LONG list of thankyou's for her prayers. I'm trying to teach her that she can also ask him for help with special things. I think she gets it, but (and I guess this is good that she's otherwise content) the only thing she ever asks if for him to help make her boo-boo's go away.

    Funnily enough, she includes her new bedroom and her new bed in her prayers everynight except that for the last month she almost consistenly refuses to sleep in there. So she sleeps in the guest room (which was grandma's room when she was here and now daddy's room for when he snores) and thanks him for the other room and bed. I can't fathom it. I ask her if she's so grateful why the heck won't she sleep there, but she doesn't care to elaborate. Honestly..I think she just wants BOTH rooms..1 for all her dolls and 1 for her:)

  4. That would have brought a tear to my eye if I had been there. He is soooo lovable!

  5. That is absolutely adorable! So cute! I want to get my son to do this pray for things. Love your site. Just adorable story.

  6. It is so lovely to hear a child talking to God! You're doing a great job there!
    The twins are similair to dragon, except they actually talk - just not words & they go on & on & on & whenever I prompt an "amen" (I always give them a few minutes of their gibberish before I try & cut in) they go on for much longer. It's so special though!

  7. It's an old but true saying - "The family that prays together, stays together" - so keep on encouraging the boys (and one day you'll have three wolves). I thought it was wonderful too.

  8. That is such a sweet post! What a lovely little guy to be so thoughtful and praying. Great job mummy for teaching him so well and so young!

  9. The prayers of their early years are certainly worthy of keeping a record.


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