Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Spot, spot, lovable spot...

He's soft and cuddly and he smiles a lot...

Okay, I may be exposed to far too much children's programming.

Dragon is lovable, soft, cuddly, smiley.

The spots are not.

They are, however, going away... maybe... for now.

The first wave of spots came last Tuesday and slowly turned into hideous bruises and are almost completely faded, the second wave came on Fridayand are currently doing the bruise thing, the third on Sunday/Monday and seem to be staying a lot smaller (or are just taking longer to fully develop into disgusting welts and swollen lumps and things).

We have an appointment with the GP tomorrow, I have to get another urine sample from him before then. The course of action for now is weekly GP appointments and monthly pediatrician appointments. It may be for just one month or it could keep going for 3 or 4 months.

Do I sound like I have no idea what is going on? All I know is that we are doing everything that we can and we will get onto it straight away if it gets to his kidneys or bowels. I am checking every poo for blood and keeping an eye on his urine, it's so much fun being me!

Sorry I didn't update after our appointment on Friday, I had in my head that I did but obviously my head wasn't up with the times. I was wondering why people were asking how he was going when it was all there for them:) Thank you so much for caring about my little boy you have never met.

So when does your brain come back after having children?

We went to a Christmas party on Sunday afternoon and when we got there I made sure everyone knew that although it looks like meningococcol it is not contagious but one friend wasn't there yet. She's a nurse. She arrived later and took one look at his legs, stopped in her tracks and asked "what's the rash on his legs?" I put her at ease quick smart.

We had a lovely afternoon. Dragon wouldn't get in the pool but Lion and I swam while it was still super hot and then when it cooled down we got out and had some afternoon tea and Mr Grinch Wolf stayed at home in the air conditioning by himself.

I didn't take any photos there and you don't want to see Dragon's little legs, they look like he was bitten up by a super nasty mozzie and then beaten up by a garden gnome that couldnt reach beyond his thighs.


  1. It sounds like you have to get another urine sample from the doctor. That should be very interesting. . .

  2. poor little guy!
    poor mummy!

    i'm mailing off your "surprise" today!

  3. Oh! Poor little guy! I would be such a basket case. You are handling it better than I would. At least on your blog! :-) Where we can't see you cry and freak out! Because I would.

    Thanks for the update on him and hang in there!

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  5. That's good to hear. Hope those spots disappear soon, and good luck with the urine sample.

  6. Poor little guy & poor you! Hope this disappears soon. Ongoing illnesses are very frustrating - I can only imagine when they don't know what it is. Have fun getting that sample!!

  7. Oh no. Poor guy! Just awful that the spots just keep getting worse. is he in pain? Poor thing :(
    (and poor mama!)

    Here's praying everyone is good and healthy for the holidays.

  8. I just hate when little ones are sick, I know you were told not to google it but I did it seems to have some of the same results as pre-eclampsia in pregnant women. I wonder if giving him extra protein would help. Here baby chew on this meat. Sorry you seem to have the best attitude, just worry about cute little boys.

    It was so cold last night then snow this morning which I slipped and fell in such a klutz I am. Want guests for Christmas? I'm handy with boys and cookies.

  9. Boy Mum -- How fast can you get here? You dont mind sleeping in a baby cot do you? I'll change the sheets, maybe... bring the boys and we'll send all 9 them down the gully and cook in peace:)

  10. Poor baby! I hope everyhing turns out okay. I can't believe you guys are swimming in the middle of December. lol. That just blows my mind. Stay strong momma!

  11. You have no idea how much we'd all love to. Thanks for the invite ;)

    I'm glad dragon loved the bells. He's such a cute heart. My #1 loves little ones he'd be the best baby sitter.

  12. Poor baby! Hope all is back to normal very soon and Dr.s get him fixed up good as new. You are an awesome mommy as those are not fun or easy things to do. Hang in there!


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