Saturday, 20 December 2008

[insert suitably funny title here]

Two quick things...

I was shopping in the Christmas section at target the other day and I overheard this comment from someone looking at the wreaths and garlands...

"why can't you get real mistletoe anymore, you know, like the stuff they used to make"

Should I tell her? The mistletoe in Target isn't the real mistletoe :)

Perhaps I should have told her to climb the nearest gum tree because there is probably some native mistletoe up there. Although that wouldn't look like that "real" Target version she was after.


Lion: *Cough Cough*

Mummy : *concerned look*

Lion: *holding hand out* Mummy I had something stuck in my throat and I got it out.

Mummy: Oh, that's good.

Lion: Yeah, it was Huddy, I'm not sure what he was doing in my throat but I coughed him out.


  1. OH MY!! Poor Huddy! I am laughing so much at the moment. Your Lion sure is a character. I loved his air guitar last night at the Colin Concert. He will have to teach it to cousin wilbie in a few years.

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  3. Funny, does mistletoe really grow wild? I'm a little crazy for natural plants, you know, the kind they used to make.

    I once forced Adorable Hubby to stop at a eucalyptus farm in California so I could pick 'real' eucalyptus.

  4. That Huddy is a bit of a terror, isn't he?

    Have they ever sold real mistletoe at Target? I don't know that they sell anything that isn't made of plastic.


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