Friday, 16 January 2009

'Express Yourself'

Meet Dragon

This is Dragon, my second born son. He loves to cuddle and he loves soft toys, for that reason, because they are cuddly. He is cuddling a 20 year old bear (once belonging to his Uncle) called 'Cuddles'.

Dragon is a very 'deep' individual already. Even though he loves to cuddle soft toys (and anyone else who will take it) he will sometimes strut around with his hands on his hips growling (not grumbling but the deep throaty growl of a Dragon defending his territory). He will grab a stick and 'hammer' things with it. He will see how far he can spit, much to Mummy's disgust. He seems to be growing up into a 'Man's' man.

Men love to drive cars, Dragon loves cars, especially Utes.

Men are tough, even after taking some injuries from wrestling with a lion, does he cry? No, a pair of sunnies to cover up the worst bits and keep on going.


Yet sometimes I wonder about him... I guess if you take into account he is wearing a Policeman's uniform then you could say he was 'helping' out the poor baby.

But even with the 'Tough Guy' shirt on I'm not sure what kind of statement he is trying to make with the fluffy pink handbag and the green doctors bag.


  1. He is sooo cute. He is alot like Jack. One minute playing with his trucks in the mud, then the next minute he is playing with Cayley-Ann's bratz dolls in he dollhouse. Nothing wrong with that I say.

  2. OMGosh! What a cute guy and LOVE the purse :)

  3. oh, I love him. He is too gorgeous. I must have a daughter to grow up and marry him.

  4. Oh Dragon! I would cuddle you! You look adorable!!! :)

    Maybe he just needs something to carry his "accessories". :) Buy him a cool "man bag".

  5. What a character! He's so cute and funny! Love the little policeman outfit. Who knows what it all means, but he's just a kid now. He's just having fun. Hubby was worried about our son playing with dolls, but then someone told us it is good for boys to play with dolls because it helps them to learn about being good fathers. Hubby bought it so now he is a little more comfortable with it.

  6. Dragon is an enigma, but a nice one! Now if only he would go to sleep at bedtime?

  7. Our Dragon used to steal Possum's dolls, so we bought him his own boy cabbage patch doll for Christmas when he was 2 (remember "Paul"), and he loved it for a few years. Now he won't own up to ever having a doll.

  8. Such a darling! I like the placement off the hand holding the pink bunny bag.

  9. I love these photos so I thought I'd have another look at them. Maybe the bottom one is the police officer of the future. Don't they call the "in touch with his feminine side" bloke a metro-man? So Dragon will be the metro-man police officer.


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