Thursday, 15 January 2009

Don't get comfortable...

This will not be a regular posting thing... Just a one off today.

Renata said...
LOL- thankfully he hasn't got a sister! It sure looks wet there - maybe you could send some of that our way!!BTW I thought you had released huddy in the wild! - did he fly all the way home?

I'd love to send some your way! There is water just streaming off our yard out onto the street, WASTED. Huddy only went back to the wild to visit his mum. I think we'll have Huddy for many more years.

BoufMom9 said...
OMGosh! Now THAT is a mud puddle! HOLY! What a cool mummy to let the boys jump in the puddles :)

It is some sort of access point for some services cables or something. The level of the yard has been slowly raised around it and so it's about 15cm lower than the surrounding ground. I wasn't aware there was a choice about kids jumping in puddles, I thought it was a fact of life. Leaving kindy yesterday and the boys weren't wearing shoes. There was a big puddle in the car park and they wanted to play in it. I said they could walk through it and get their feet wet but that was all. Lion was an angel, walked through it swishing his feet then climbed in the car and grabbed a towel and wiped his feet (boy he made me proud) Dragon walked through it, then reversed through it, then stomped through it, then reversed through it, then jumped up and down in it, then BENT OVER AND SPLASHED WITH HIS HANDS. AHhhh, mummy had to enter the puddle at that point to fish him out before he got soaked. He had to sit in his soggy shorts the whole way home.

Sandra said...
Yup, that sure is a puddle. A bit like the one from the Vicar of Dibley which is so deep Geraldine can hide in.The boys sure look like they had a great time.Hope your cubby didn't get too blown away in the cyclone.

That episode was on (again) Christmas eve, we watched and wrapped presents and I think because I knew what was going to happen I was laughing before she even jumped in the puddle! Actually I don't think presents got wrapped until that was finished, it was too distracting.

Cubby house still standing, only one piece of wood came off the shade cloth.

Boy Mom said...
Sooo! Cute! Love kids and water. Wow it is weeettt there.So which boy has Mummies eyes and which has Daddy's?

Um, Blond Haired, Blue Eyed Stompy Wompy Surfer Boy Lion is our throw back. Both Grandads have blue eyes and we both have brown. Dragons eyes are more like mine than Wolf's though.

Mum-me said...
We were wondering if you were experiencing bad weather too - our news reports only showed gulf area and Cairns.

Yeah, we didn't get it like Cairns but they did build their whole dodgy city within 500m of the beach. From the news reports you would think the cyclone hit Cairns not the gulf in some little known non-newsworthy place. There are trees down all over the place here but not much damage other than that. I think perhaps low lying areas got their feet wet with the king tides that came at the same time. But as for cairns, if you build your city on a mud-flat you gotta expect problems at a king tide, then throw in a cyclone for good measure and you'll have some real problems. (We just don't get along with Cairns, We have bumper stickers here "I love to see Cairns... In the rear view mirror" it's just what you do when you live here).

Peta G said...
I hope the cyclone doesnt hit too bad in your area. And I think the peice of wood on the shade thing would have been to weight it down? or to make it easier to roll up. We had something similar at our old house.

And the non-existent prize goes to Peta G! I was informed by Wolf that the piece of wood is indeed to help roll it up.

Funky Photography said...
hehe secretly I want to wear the pettiskirt!!!! Maybe in our mid 30's we shouldn't - but it has our names written all over it! Think we'd look cute in a beanie and gum boots too?

Of course we'd look cute in a beanie and gumboots! but hold on... Mid 30's, well maybe SOME OF US are mid 30's, I've still got ages to go... sort of! Seriously go here and check out this skirt (and Annie's photography and all the lovely babies that she gets to photograph).

To all the comments about the cord... Wolf found it! I can now download photos, doesn't mean I will, but I can.

Boy Mom said...
I'm so excited for you all. I will definitely send prayers your way. You'll recognize them, they'll be covered with 3 feet of snow. Are you going to try for a girl at some point? Feel free to tell me to mind my own business :D How are Dragons spots?

No, we're going to try for another boy. I want to be just like you! Did you know that with every boy you have your chances of ever having a girl decrease (you've probably figured that one out yourself), my friend just had her 4th boy and she said that time round her chance of getting another boy was something like 80%. Um, yeah we are going to try for at least one more child (the goal has always been to re-assess after each one), but I am pretty much resigned to the fact that God wants me to raise brain frying, furniture destroying, dirt eating, filth loving BOYS.

Dragons spots are all gone. Thanks for asking and reminding me I needed to update people. The last flush was on Christmas day and we had our last paediatrician appointment on Tuesday (with the locum) He was happy with everything but he wants one more urine sample and then yearly followups. I'm not sure if the followups are related to the spots or if he just wants Dr J to be super busy, I have to follow up on that with Dr J.


  1. Ha, new I was right. LOL. We had shade cloth as blinds on our deck at our old house to block out the arfternoon sun. We would roll them up when the sun went down. Hamish had put wood on the bottoms to hold them down in the wind and to make them easy to roll up.

  2. To all the comments about the cord... Wolf found it! ...

    Technically it wasn't lost, I knew were it was for the last 4 months. I just picked it up and handed it to you.

    MMcT here - There are 50 zillion cords at our computer, it was lost to me! And I gave you credit.

  3. I mentioned to the case worker (of the boy we're trying to get licensed to care for) that once we had our foster care license she was welcome to send little girls our way. She just stared at me for a moment then said, "Why would you want girls? They're much harder than boys!"

    I guess Mom's with all boys are living in child raising paradise...who knew.

  4. Loved the pictures! That was pretty deep. Sometimes when it is raining in torrents the kids and I would run down to the mailbox and back, just because we could. It is like taking a shower with your clothes on. My kids are 15 & 20 and they are still crazy enough to do it with me!

    Loved your use of the word "excitement" when you don't know what you're having for dinner. Until I start my meal planning I think I'll give that as a reply when one of the kids asks what's for dinner!


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