Monday, 12 January 2009

Forget Dorothy's House

Our cubby house will be in Oz tomorrow. This wind is amazing! So the cyclone formed in the gulf, hit the gulf as a category 1 (weakest) and has dumped heaps of rain to the north of us. We have had a decent amount of rain and the wind has been a bit wild on and off. At the moment it is deffinately on.
This is the best shot I could find that showed the bits of the cubby I wanted to show, it is "drendad tranky" (grandad cranky the crane) lifting Lion out of the cubby.
Our cubby house stands 3m high. It has huge amounts of shade cloth on it that are acting like great big sails. One in particular is over 3m long and 2m+ wide and just hanging with deadly weapons attached to the end of it (that's it to the right of the pic). On a normal day it either gets pulled straight down to the ground to shade underneath from the afternoon sun or pulled out to extend the shaded space. It has a strip of wood across the bottom for some reason or another (my dad said to put it there, so we did, I cant remember why) which is now flailing around in the wind desperate for some unsuspecting passerby to get too close so it can wipe their head off. This morning it was all rolled up and tucked away like it is usually stored but the wind unrolled it and pulled it out. I wonder what happened to these little guys who make their home in the rolled up shade cloth?

I bet they got a fright. Hopefully they weren't home and were out enjoying the rain. That, or we'll find high velocity frog spatter all over our back fence :0

Now I'm just wondering, since we live in "Oz", perhaps the cubby will end up in Kansas!


  1. What a great blog you have here! ♥ Hugs :)

  2. I hope it doesn't get blown away! That would be awful! Hang in there and hang on tight!

    Love the frog shot! Great capture! :-)

  3. I assume the monte carlos, bikkie and timtam are all cookies or treats or something. I love the names!

    We get quite a few rain and windstorms here and last year we had about a 500 pound tree branch fall on our roof, so we figured we'd better take the rest of the tree out before it fell too. It was in bad shape.

    My hubby and his friends, all man-hormonal, wanted to take it out themselves but I said no. It was over 100 feet tall and I feared someone would get careless and die!

  4. We were wondering if you were experiencing bad weather too - our news reports only showed gulf area and Cairns.

  5. I hope the cyclone doesnt hit too bad in your area.
    And I think the peice of wood on the shade thing would have been to weight it down? or to make it easier to roll up. We had something similar at our old house.

  6. hehe secretly I want to wear the pettiskirt!!!! Maybe in our mid 30's we shouldn't - but it has our names written all over it! Think we'd look cute in a beanie and gum boots too?

  7. Trust me - the froggies will be okay. In this, their favourite weather they would not have been inside the shade cloth. They would have been out enjoying the rain.

  8. I'm just concerned about the unsuspecting passerbys who might get hit by the shadecloth. Not so much for the individual, but about all the people you have wandering around in your backyard in the middle of a storm.

  9. OH my ! That is quite a bit of wind! WOW!
    The cubby looks awesome, although maybe not during your windy seasons (????)

  10. "High velocity frog splatter" That'll keep me smilin' for a couple days. We used to live in a wind tunnel at the mouth of a canyon and would often find our swing set and metal picnic table in the neighbors yard. Wind is scary.

    Nice cubby, we love Cranky the Crane here as well.


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