Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Lionisms #'s 385673 & 385674

Yet another Colin song goes...

When your dad is crusty and your mum's in a flap
and you spilt your custard in your sisters lap....
Remember the Lord, Ohh,
remember that he is in control
remember the lord, ohh
He's watching his children
he cares, Ohhhhhh
Remember the Lord, Ohh.

Lions version...
When your dad is crusty and your mum's in a flap

um, maybe I don't want a sister for him. I couldn't believe what I heard at first and got him to re-sing it for me.

We often sing kids songs loud and out of tune as we drive. today we were doing just that (with the CORRECT words to the above song when Lion asked...

"Mummy can you please turn of your music and turn on the radio music"

Thanks Lion, do I sing that good?


  1. That's funny!!!
    We have the Colin Buchanan video that has that song on it. It has Colin singing, with a funny video thingy playing at the same time!

  2. I almost peed my pants. Colin is a hoot! No matter what else is going on in our life, kids make it funny and keep it real.

    Much love from NJ,

  3. What a funny kid! He and Chandler would have a blast singing "their versions" of songs... of course she'd have to learn some Australian favorites first! :)

  4. What is it with boys and bodily functions.

    "Mummy can you please turn of your music and turn on the radio music"

    Hilarious! What a cutie? Sorry Mom!

    I have a boy in Chamber Choir...need I say more. He used to like my singing.

  5. LOL- thankfully he hasn't got a sister!
    It sure looks wet there - maybe you could send some of that our way!!
    BTW I thought you had released huddy in the wild! - did he fly all the way home?

  6. *snort*! I think I loke their versions better!


  7. I am a bit concerned about letting him loose near Little Bear now.

    Hate to shoot that light out at the end of the tunnel, but Cheetah still tells me (slightly more tactfully than Lion), "Mum can you please turn some music on?" when I start singing.

  8. I never listened to my kids when they complained about my singing - they were especially embarrassed when they had friends around and I started singing - "Oh, Dad, do you have to!" - Yup, I sure did, it just comes naturally. So my advice is - Keep on singing (esp. Christian songs), even if it is off key, as long as you're happy and making a joyful noise, at least God will like it!


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