Thursday, 22 January 2009


Mate, Aussie Day is coming up. Fair dinkum, you'd 'ave to be a Galah to not know (Jan 26). We'll be chuckin' the food in the esky and headin' down to the church cricket match to sit 'round and eat while not playing cricket. Those playin'll be flat out like a lizard drinkin' so that's more tucker for us. Probably eat a lamington or 7, maybe some lamb chops for dinner.
Not disapointing - Sam Kekovich has another Lamb ad this year. I can't find the current one but this is the original ad that stirred up trouble and started the yearly wait for "The Lamb Ad".

So wrap your laughin' gear round some pav, chuck another prawn on the barbie (next to your lamb) get fair dinkum about it. Show your true blue colours and start gettin' ready for Australia day. If you're not gettin' the day off call the boss and chuck a sickie (I am not at all condoning this, I am just trying to fit in one more ockerism) head down the beach in a pair of budgie smugglers and thongs. The sand'll be hotter than a kangaroo's tail in a bushfire but she'll be jake. Don't forget your drinks, the day'll be dryer than a dead dingo's donger, especially out at the Goldfield Ashes. Stone the crows, don't sit there like a stunned mullet, it'll be goin' off like a frog in a sock!
Now don't come the raw prawn with me, I'm as busy as a one legged man in an a*** kicking contest and I'm gettin' involved. So don't be a Drongo, crack open a coldie and drink it down with an Aussie salute and a toast...

May your Chooks turn into Emu's and kick your dunny down.
There were so many others that I couldnt include on a family blog, so many ockerisms have swearing in them! and an Aussie salute is shooing the flies away.


  1. Wow! where have I been? I missed commenting on many posts.

    Love Madagascar, me little ones called it Madame-ass-car, or Madame-who-haa, either way it sounded naughty and I got the giggles when they asked to watch it.

    What a darling Daddy and husband. There is nothing better than clean dishes in the linen closet.

    I can't wait to celebrate Aussie Day with my little home school boy. I love telling people I have a friend in Australia.

  2. You sound like you're feeling better.

    We're set for temps in the mid - high 30s on Australia Day so we aren't planning any celebrtions. Oh, and HB will be working of course.

  3. Fantastic!! I don't think I've even heard of some of those sayings. Hope you have a nice day - Australia day is celebrated here with a community breakfast (that takes half the day!)!

  4. that was a great post. Had me laughing. We are having a BBQ with friends on Australia day so we will be doing the lamb and pav of course.

  5. OK. I think I got less than half of your ockerisms. Seeing as how I've only been to Australia once (and only for 6 days), I didn't think that was too bad. :)

    I've heard that Australia Day is quite a big deal!
    Hope it's a wonderful day for you guys!

  6. I ... uh....understood very little of all of this. I am so much a Yank, huh?

    Sorry you got stuck watching our prez inaguaration. We had to watch it all day and night too. Right down to a bunch of stories on their clothes and how their fashions will affect people. Ugh!

  7. I just have to add that this post was a bottler :)


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