Thursday, 22 January 2009

Madagascar Themed Photos

Mada-who-ah? ... No. Not who-ah. Gas-car. So goes a line from Madagascar #1 DVD. For a while Lion, watched this until I thought I could remember every line by heart. Not quite. We took Lion to see Madagascar #2 at the movies last Sunday and so I got a few good quotes from there as well. Enjoy.

Hey Surprise, freaks! I am coming with you!

Lion: What is this place?
Dragon: San Diego. This time I'm 40% sure.

I am the robot king of the monkey things...

Wolf: Is this place great or what?
Lion: I'm going with "or what".

Chicky-babe: So you must be Moto-Moto.
Dragon: Yep, the names so nice you say it twice.

Lion: What! Sixty nine months!?
Dragon: No! Six "TO NINE" months.


  1. That was pretty clever! I love Madagascar, but haven't seen #2 yet.

  2. Wolf, I'm still amazed that you can remember all the funny lines from movies you've only seen once.

    I took the children to see "Bedtime Stories" last week and it was really funny but now I can't remember a single line from it.

  3. My kids watched madagascar over & over as well, however I haven't seen number 2 yet. The way you set up the pictures is great!

  4. Nano and Grandpap took me, Dragon, Ducky and Mousie to see Madagascar 2 a few weeks ago.
    I really like it!!!

  5. My Favourite two lines from Madagascar 2, I couldn't seem to fit with any pictures.... maybe I'll see if I can get the boys to pose for them.

    quote #1:
    Alex: I wanna prove to my dad that I'm a *real* lion.
    Marty: As opposed to what, a *chocolate* lion?

    quote #2
    Skipper: Gently now, you just wanna kiss the ground, just a little peck, a smooch like you're kissing your sister.
    (Plane violently lands and the tires break off)
    Skipper: I said kiss it!

  6. Classic! Top job! We just might have to go and see the movie.

  7. GREAT POST!!!!

    Awww...Thanks for "stalking" us. Any friend of Boy Mom's, is a friend of ours! What an adorable family you have! I am sure you never have a dull moment.

    I'll have to check back :0)

    Mrs. Nurse Boy


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