Friday, 9 January 2009

They reckon...

There'll be a cyclone form before next weekend...

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I can believe it! The temp has dropped, its just below 30C (86F) there is a beautiful breeze blowing, it's actually a rather pleasant night... Things can only go down hill from here!

We had our third black out for the season last night.

We havent even had a cyclone yet.

None of the blackouts were even storm related.

It's going to be a long cyclone season.

Bring it on!

Lets get it over with.


  1. You beat me to it! I was going to do a blog Titled "The Big One" about our much anticipated BIG CYCLONE that we've been warned about for the last - umm, umpteen years. Just like California waiting for that big earthquake, but not quite so devastating as an earthquake. At least we hope not.

  2. Reckon... now THAT'S a good ole' Tennessee word! :)

    In Tennessee we get the left over wind and rain from the hurricanes that hit Florida, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and occasionally Georgia.
    We're more likely to get a tornado here, but we don't really stress over them too much.

  3. Yuck - very scary. On New Year's Eve we had ridiculous winds. Prob some of the worst I've ever seen in NJ, it took you breath away when you were outside and Katie was like...oh, no it's wind just like Darby, just like Darby (how she says Dorothy - meaning Wizard of Oz). Although, I secretly think she WANTED them to take her away cause she thought SHE'D get to go to Oz.

  4. We lived on the third coast here in the US and had to deal with hurricane season--it is a crazy deal!

    Hope the power's back up!


  5. That's just insane! I've never heard of CYCLONE SEASON. Guess that means I've never lived near the water. PLEASE STAY SAFE!!! Can you tell me what the difference is between a cyclone and a hurricane? I've somehow forgotten. Do you have tons of candles lit? Could be fun and romantic.

  6. I know what you mean about reading other peoples writing and feeling overwhelmed. From what I've read of your writing you definitely don't need to feel that mine is better. I love reading your blog and Octamoms' writing makes me feel like a kindergarten baby. I'd love to know your words of the year.

    Cyclones yuck, I love all extreme weather except wind.

  7. Aren't we supposed to have four cyclones this season.... Did you know there was not a single cyclone on the east coast in 2008?

  8. UGH! Like Julie (my SIL said) we had horrible winds here on NYE and our electric went out for a good portion of the day.
    High winds are pretty scary.
    I hope you stay cyclone free for the season!

  9. Until you take a look at the Bureau of Meterology website and it says "The Bureau's Regional Director, Jim Davidson described the general climate pattern as being essentially a neutral one which is expected to remain that way during the Spring and Summer months. However there were some indicators (such as a positive Southern Oscillation Index) that suggest the current bias towards the La Niña side of neutral could continue."

    Really doesn't sound like we have heaps to worry about, even if the media tries to hype up nothing. Besides which we are all too apethetic to care!


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