Saturday, 10 January 2009

Lion's Backyard

Every time I go out to work in the garden the boys want to help. Here is a picture I took today of Lion tackling a weed. Play the music if you wish some proper ambience (you can click
for the music)

I don't know what this one's real name is but I call it 'Cairns Mountain Grass' basically because I first saw it on the sides of the hills around Cairns, but now it's popping up all thru my lawn... it's quite thick, not as bad as sugar cane or bamboo but just as annoying... if only it was sugar cane, at least we could chew on it.

It must be something in the human Psyche that loves to see a freshly mown lawn... well to me at least it's ordered and therefore relaxing.

Did you know that Lion was only 1 year old when the 'Burke's Backyard' TV show was cancelled after 17 years? He was devastated when 'Mr Burk' didn't come on one Friday night... He is now an devotee of Better Homes and Gardens... As his father it doesn't worry me too much because he has three other favourite TV shows which seem a bit more 'Manly'. Mythbusters (or "Fire in the Hole" as he likes to call it) because they blow stuff up, Time Team because they dig stuff up and Top Gear because they are 'silly and break cars'. I remember Lion and I were watching Top Gear one day and they were driving a car around the test track and he looks and me and says 'Boring, when are they going to blow it up, Dad?'


  1. Great picture of Lion!!!!
    How funny that he was bored. heehee Such a boy!!!!

  2. 5 of 8 is a huge Food Network fan--he conducts his own cooking shows based off of some of his favorite chefs--

    Love that Lion is such a Discovery Channel fan!



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