Friday, 30 January 2009

We were gunna...

Renata, If you haven't had any rain you may want to stop reading this...
Well, again, the plans didnt go according to plan. The plans were
1. Pick Lion up from kindy.
2. Go home.
3. Mummy gets dressed in yard clothes.
4. We all put on our boots and the boys grab their umbrellas.
5. We go and stomp in the rain.
6. Once we are good and soaked we all come in for a bath and then a hot chocolate.
What actually happened was steps 1 through 4. 5 was modified to read...
5. The rain stops just as we are ready but we go out anyway, mummy finds a great big deep puddle for us to all jump in but as soon as she steps in it she just about steps on a snake and makes everyone come back in side and put their boots by the door.

It was most likely just one of our rather large legless lizards but since he was about an inch thick and I didnt get a look at his head I decided we'd go for the "better safe than sorry" school of thinking.

We came in with not a drop of rain on us and had those hot chocolates and the boys are watching Jungle book while I make pancakes for dinner.

Please pause here while we eat our pancakes

Lion was half way through pancakes (which were actually pikelets) and asked "what's for dessert?"

"We are having pancakes for dinner so really we are having dessert for dinner and skipping dinner"

"but I like dinner"

Well, he could have fooled me with the amount of fuss we go through each night to get these kids to eat anything at all of their dinner. I did manage to convince him that we didn't need two courses tonight and he was happy with that.

I have looked for some photos of our legless lizards (we got some great photos on Christmas day when we had a little visitor trying to get into our garage as we got home from church) but it turns out they are ones that I was in the middle of trying to download with the card reader fritzed on me so mum must have them on her computer. The christmas day one was a lightweight in comparison to todays visitor which also makes me a little less confident in it's harmlessness.


  1. snake/legless lizzard... it doesn't matter... EWWWWW!!

    I'm glad to hear you eat pancakes for dinner!

    One of our favorite meals is breakfast for dinner.
    We make bacon, eggs, grits and pancakes (or French toast... it depends on my mood)... yummy!!

  2. Oh! Whey did it have to be snakes! Yikes! I haaate snakes, to quote Indiana Jones.

    I would have gone back inside too.

    I love breakfast for dinner. Fun. Fun.

    Hey, who is that lady above here. She looks like a model in her headshot. :-) I don't know her, but nice photo, lady!

  3. I am now following your blog :) Hope you have a great weekend! ♥ Hugs!

  4. Gotta love days like that. Do you know what kind of a snake it was? I love pancakes for dinner. Boy does that ever sound yummy!

  5. I held a snake recently and bragged about it on my blog but I was prepared. If I had seen one unexpectedly I would have freaked!

  6. No rain down here - just HOT, HOT, HOT!! (jumping in puddles sounds sublime!)
    I'd have taken everyone inside as well - it's better to be safe than sorry!

  7. We ran into a little snake trying to get out of the rain down in Ayr. He was a baby about 30cm. He was on a paved footpath and no where to hide. If I could have been sure he was only a tree snake (I think he was) I would have put him somewhere safe. I must check out what taipans look like again :)

  8. I wish we could have some of your rain and cooler temps. You can keep the humidity though.

    We have pancakes for dinner too, about once a fortnight.

    Mousie says she likes the pink gumboots.

  9. What fun to splash in the rain... er puddle! I have those legless lizards visit around my house, too. Ours are usually harmless, but big, King snakes or other black snakes. Still, no fun to have hanging around your house.


  10. You realize all your US readers expect you to turn dramatically to the camera say, Crikey, it's big fella," Then catch it and show us what an amazing creature it is. True that this is the sort of behavior which eventually took poor Steve Irwin...on second thought, hot chocolate and Jungle Book was the wise choice.

    Yum to pancakes, an oft enjoyed meal at Boy house.


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