Sunday, 11 January 2009

You Know Your A Parent When...

You have to tell your sons' imaginary friend to behave himself and be quite so your son can go to sleep!

Lion came out of his room tonight to inform me that his imaginary friend 'Huddy' is being naughty and noisy and keeping him awake, so I had to put Huddy on my shoulder and tell him to stop making noise so that Lion can sleep. Halfway through the talking too, while threatening Huddy with consequences to his actions, I realised how ridiculous this would look to anyone else, but for Lion, it's as real as if I was telling off his brother Dragon.

For those of you wanting to know what Huddy looks like I managed to take a snap of him one day when he didn't realise I could see him... (maybe this should be titled 'you know your a parent when you can see your child's imaginary friends....?)

A 'Real' Huddy, a Peachface Parrot or Love Bird.


  1. Hysterical!!!

    I love that Huddy is so well-described and defined--our imaginary friends (with whom, yes, I have also held conversations) have not been quite so vivid!


  2. My son's imaginary friend is a puppy. He is constantly bringing the puppy to me to hold while he goes and does other stuff. lol. Kids!!

  3. Huddy is quite a handsome friend. :)

  4. Last night I had to tell Chandler's new Barbies that we don't allow singing after lights out... *sigh*

  5. My children's imaginary friends were little stinkers, but occasionally they were great!

    Of course, my youngest's invisible friend was named "not me!" In fact, sometimes I think one of them still lives here because whenever I ask who left the milk out, etc., I still get a chorus of "not me!"

  6. Lion sure has a great imagination to sustain this iimaginary friend for so long.

  7. Ah kids...if I had even a fraction of their imagination, I would never be short of blog post ideas.

    Huddy is very handsome.


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