Saturday, 10 January 2009

I'm a LADY!

I love it that my husband still thinks I'm a lady even though he knows better.

I have started the ride on mower a zillion (well at least a half dozen) times before but he still walked me thought it this morning. He's so sweet.

Now to convince him I'm enough of a lady that I shouldn't even be sitting on ride on mower...

Sorry there's not many photos lately... the whole find-the-cord-that-fits-the-camera thing has proved a little difficult... stupid flash card reader dying... there will be non-camera-phone photos soon... I promise... I think.

Also, I reckon the company you keep says a lot about you... My friend Queen Stuss has done the meme taggy thing I did a few posts ago... I'm not sure what her answers say about me (or her), you can make up your own mind on that one but check it out... I tagged my sister too and she's got heranswers here... I spend a lot more time with my sister than most chicks... as far as I can tell anyway... She tagged my mum (I had to leave her someone) and mum's answers are here... Just in case you had nothing else to do tonight (or today depending on which part of the earth you make your home in).


  1. I've had some critical cords disappear and reappear around here as well--it does make leveraging all this technology a little challenging!

    Heading over to check the meme!

  2. Hello Lady McTavish. Hope you're having a good Christmas break. We just arrived home yesterday.

    Possum has also been working on the meme. She is so bad at making decisions that most of the questions have several answers.

  3. I'm new here! What a great blog :)

  4. Some days I think if my head weren't attached I'd lose it. Scary thought but true. Hope you find your cord soon.

  5. I think we have three cords floating around our house, I'll see if I can find the third and you can see if it fits your camera. It might not, because it's a canon one, and surely they aren't dumb enough to make all connections the same., but i'll find it anyway and then try and remember to give it to you, by which time hopefully you will have found your own cord.


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