Friday, 13 February 2009

Aparently iiM Unbalanced

Chimera bought a Wii fit this morning. I will never have one in my house... okay maybe never is too strong.

But there is good reason for not having photos with this post!

It told me I'm unbalanced... Unbalanced??? I'll show it unbalanced, as I put it's condescending white balance board through the TV... um, perhaps it's best you don't show this to your DH Chimera. (and yes Johnny's Mummy, I recycle my jokes. I've gotta, I don't have all that much material)

First thing you do is a little test to find your BMI, and Wii age. Chimera went through it first and I was laughing my butt off when she got 32. 3 years older than she really is. You can imagine her delight when I got 45! Stupid Wii, adding 18 years to my life. I was rubbish at the balance test, really really rubbish. It didn't help that Little bear assisted in my failure in the last part of it. After we got set up Chimera started doing some of the exercises and got what I will call beginner scores. It was after all her first time. Then I started, I got beginner scores too. Then I tried the soccer game where you head but the ball. THEY THEW SHOES AT ME! I couldn't get the balls but I was a dab hand at getting whacked in the head by a shoe! So I wasn't too good at that one, it seemed like whichever way I tried to go they Mii would go the other way. This got us wondering... Sure enough she had positioned the balance board facing the wrong way! You'd think the iiM on the board should have had her suspicious.

We fixed that and I was still rubbish at the rest of the stuff I tried. Except breathing, turns out I am a Yoga Master at breathing. I never would have guessed, I've only been practicing for 45 27 years.

Oh, I did okay at the running one... sort of... well... I may have cheated... but only for some of it! Mummy McT 1 - Balance Board 4937. I'll have my victory one day... one day... Mwahahahaha.

If you want to read Chimera's version of events you can find it here. Just ignore the comments about my derriere.


  1. LOL, we have Wii fit. Im also unbalanced, older than my years and very good at breathing. In the running one did you overtake your guide? I did..made him run faster to overtake me. You have to try the hula hoop. It's great for a

  2. I've been hearing a lot about these Wii thingys. Originally I thought they were a children' toy, but the more blogs I read the more I realise they are for adults too. Actually, I read where adults actually injure themselves playing soome of the games. Apparently the emergency rooms are full on Sat and Sun nights from Wii related injuries. So be careful!

  3. 1. I've been 45 one day and 22 the next.
    2. I've mastered the soccerball and can get a perfect score on the basic level. Not on the advanced level yet.
    3. I can't pass the running guide. I'm rubbish at running.
    4. I have actually injured myself doing one of the yoga thingos. I pulled a muscle doing it incorrectly.
    5. I really like my wii and my wii fit, though I don't think you can actually get fit with it.

  4. We have Wii and my hubby asked me if I wanted a Wii fit for Christmas. I said noooooo what do I want that for. I go to the gym. Well I'm so getting one. I've heard so many interesting things about it that I'll have to try it. I love that it has yoga. It doesn't sound easy though. I hope it doesn't tell me I'm 65 or something!

  5. Ok... the backwards balance board... we did the same thing!

    The hula hoop is so much fun! You've gotta do that one.

  6. Oh, you could totally injure yourself playing a Wii, lol. I've never used a Wii Fit, but I have used a normal Wii. A metal chair got in the way of my tennis forehand once... I'm amazed i didn't break the Wiimote (wii remote) judging from the sound it made.

  7. See! I told you that thing is EVIL! Unbalanced...obese...blah, blah. Stupid, blasted thing! :-)

  8. LOL - I've never tried one, but I hate to think what my score would be - with my co-ordination probably a 60 year old!!!
    Of course I would completely blame everything on the thing being back the front ( can you tell I haven't even seen one - I have no idea how it works!)

  9. Boxing is my favourite. I totally kicked the pants of my husband once!


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