Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Cryptozoologist Rejoice

Dinosaur Spotted in North Queensland.
Reports are pouring in from several parts of North Queensland of a large lizard stalking the area. Experts believe that it has been forced into the towns because flood waters have inundated it's local feeding grounds. From pictures of the beast and eyewitness accounts of it's Lion like movements and spiny crest it seems to be a little known dinosaur called a Felisechinolophosdermasaur (pronounced: Feel-us-E-kid-No-lof-us-Derm-a-saur). Please do not be alarmed if you see one, their diet seems to consist of plant material. One such beast was photographed within a local shopping centre eating the pot plants.

Source: Lion McTavish Imagination



  1. Very cute! I'm shaking in my boots....well, in my socks....

  2. That is one terrifying dino--and one adorable kiddo!


  3. I've seen that dinosaur too. This is definitely no hoax. He was VERY friendly! I got a cuddle from him.

  4. very impressed with the scientific name and appreciative of the phoenetic break down.
    Hope the shopkeepers didn't mind donating their plants to such a hungry beastie.

  5. Wow! The weather sure is playing havoc with our country lately....

  6. oooh, we love dinosaurs! What a super cute one, too. He doesn't look scaly at all.

  7. SO cute! Don't you just love boys?!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  8. Rowllerrr! That's dinosaur for, "dang a a dino-play date would sure be fun."

    Our local news has been airing stories and film of the devastation going on in your beautiful country. I'm so sorry! Lot's of prayers are headed your way.

    How was your trip?

  9. LOL - I was trying to make out what the first picture was!!!
    How completely cute is that dinosaur! - bet you just took him home!

  10. I L♥ve the pictures! Thanks for sharing :) ♥ Hugs!


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