Thursday, 26 February 2009

Beware the Wrath of Mummy McTavish

Kmart Tyre and Auto Service had better watch out. I got pulled over tonight and almost had our car taken off the road then and there and 3 demerit points and a big ol' fine. Thankfully the nicest policeman on earth believed me when I told him (it was the truth) that we had asked for 4 tyres only just over a month ago and were told that we only needed 2 and the others had plenty of wear in them. He said that they were well past needing replacement, well past where he should just give me a warning. They were so bad I should be off the road right now. I explained the situation (I think KTAS didn't want to give me the 4 tyre deal plus the bonus that Bridgestone had for buying 4 of their tyres) and that I would be back there tomorrow to have words and get 2 new tyres. He said he was happy with that (I was obviously both cranky at KTAS and upset at the thought of having my car taken off the road, fined and points lost) and let me go off to my kindy meet and greet. I was fuming the whole way to the meeting. I will be writing to KTAS head office place to let them know I am not happy with my family being put in danger (I've been driving on those tyres in this insane weather). I'm going into the service centre tomorrow determined to not back down and to get my point across but also not looking to pick a fight. If they want to placate me and fix the situation then I'll let them but I will still be letting them know I'm not at all impressed that it happened in the first place. Like I said to Wolf, I got the best car seats we could for the boys to keep them safe in the car and I've been driving them around on crazy dangerous tyres. It's just not good enough.

Anyway, with that off my chest, I am hoping my blood pressure goes down before I go to my OB appointment in the morning. They called me today and asked if I can be there 10:15am tomorrow instead of next Tuesday. Easy done. I get my first look at my little Peach Blossom!!!! YAY. I have a love/hate relationship with the first scan. I love that I am going to get to see the little miracle growing in there but I hate that I don't know what they are going to see, will he be okay, will there be one... or more, will he be developing properly, too many questions! And that's without bringing in the whole gender question yet. I don't freak out after the first scan for some reason. Not even for the big one half way through where they do all the more detailed checks and measure everything more carefully. I just freak out for the first one. But Doc is great and I know between him and God I've got some darn good care happening I just gotta focus on seeing this little Peach Blossom for the first time not the scary stuff.


  1. I guess that rules you out as my babysitter in the morning.

    Can't wait to see Peach Blossom's first photo.

  2. Kmart, watch out! Mummies on the war path.

    I know the nervous/excited feeling. Mine came the first time we listen for a heart beat, #2 on I didn't need a scan to tell me it was a boy, I could just hear it.

    I'm holding out for twin girls for you.

  3. Sorry you had such a run in! Sheesh!

    Try not to worry too much about tomorrow. Put it in God's hands and trust.
    I pray you will see a beautiful and healthy little blossom.

  4. We are running out of places to buy tyres!

  5. That's awful that K Mart tyre place said you didn't need tyres. They must have pretty bad if the policeman said he really shouldn't let you drive on them! I hope they offer you a full set of free tyres.

    It's always exciting to see baby for the first time and hear the heartbeat. I still remember the astonished looks I got from my older children when they heard that sound! Ducky in particular would be startled at first, then smile and say "It baby fred! Dat noise .... baby fred!"

  6. Sending l♥ve and hugs your way!

  7. You get two scans? I only ever got one and he wouldn't turn so I could see him! Good luck! And thanks for all the support about JG. He did well.

  8. Even though I'm sure it was stressful, I'm glad the policeman spotted your bald tyres so you can get them sorted out before you had any trouble.
    Love and prayers for your scan. I see a wide range of emotions with people coming for their scans, depending on their experiences, history, temperament. It can be very exciting and very scary. And you are right, God has you and your baby very much in His hands.

  9. Scary about the tires, but I'm glad you're getting some new ones. So... how was Peach Blossom?


  10. That is dreadfully poor service by KTAS. Glad you had a nice policeman pull you over. Hope you get those tyres for free!


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