Wednesday, 25 February 2009

They say the Weather makes them do it...

I was watching some daytime TV today and found out that the ideal humidity according to "the Dr's" is 35%. I figured it was a rather pleasant day today I should go check what the humidity was currently doing...


And that is a good day. So I did some more research, acceptable humidity is 30-60%. Remember, as far as humidity goes, today was a good day here at 79%. These "Dr's" (and I can do the "..." thing because it's the name of their show and they may not actually be Dr's) said when I child gets a cold I should set the humidifier to 35-40% or something like that. Oops, here I have been putting the humidifier in their already overly humid room (according to the Dr's) and turning the air to liquid. Seems to help though.

We had the hissy fit to end all hissy fits today. Lion chucked such a fuss I had no idea what to do. So I just kept doing what I needed to do and pretended he wasn't screaming and crying as I pushed the trolley through Woolworths and waited in an insanely long line and drove home through pelting rain.

It lasted about an hour. Bear with me, it's actually kinda funny...

I went to pick him up from kindy and he did his usual I don't want to go home thing and told me that we should go to the aquarium (according to wolf he had in his little head that we had made some sort of deal and I was taking him there after kindy today) and I said Reef HQ would be closed. He started crying. It was raining when we left and he didn't want to get wet so he cried a bit more. I told him that it was only going to get heavier so run to the car now or risk getting soaked. He cried as he ran. I told him we were going to get some groceries quickly. He said he wanted to buy a toy. I said no. He cried louder and harder. I offered for him to go to Grannysaurus' while I did the few groceries. He said no, he would come with Dragon and I so he could buy a toy. I said no toys. He cried some more. Dragon told him he loved him. He wailed and cried. He asked to go to Daddy's work while I shopped. I said no. He cried. We got to the carpark for the shops and he asked to go to Grannysaurus' house. I said too late. He cried. I wouldn't leave him sitting by himself in the car while I did groceries. He screamed and cried. Dragon started to threaten that I would leave Lion in the car. Lion screamed and cried. Dragon touched Lion accidentally as I put Lion in the trolley. Lion spazzed out and cried. I put the chicken in the trolley wrong. He cried. I didn't face all the milk cartons the same way. He cried. The check-out line was too long. He cried. I was leaving the supermarket. He cried. I put him back in the car that he didn't want to get out of 30 minutes before. He cried. We headed home instead of to Grannysaurus'. My goodness did he CRY. I wouldn't drive down the street that was completely underwater. He cried. The huge puddle I drove through wasn't big enough. He cried. Dragon was pretending we were going to go for a ride in a helicopter. You guessed it... Lion cried. I said I didn't know where to find a helicopter so we had better just go home. Lion cried because he remembered we were going home. Dragon mentioned the helicopter again. pause for a moment... start channeling your inner manic melodramatic 4 year old with a "the world is about to end" hint to your voice...


Now start crying again.

It continued. He didn't want to get out of the car, he didn't want to let daddy in the garage...

oh it was so tiring. It wasn't gentle sobbing, it was over-the-top-dramatic-flair-wave-your-arms-about-to-get-the-maximum-attention crying. With the odd wailed reminder thrown in about why he was upset (you never let me buy any toys, you wont take me to the aquarium, you wouldn't take me to Grandmas, I don't want to go home, you get the idea) After the initial frustration at his silliness I was having to laugh at most of his silly answers to things. I wish I could remember them all but the helicopter was the best. I just wish I had a video set on him so I could show him tomorrow.

So, another long post with no photos. I'm a bit boring lately. You can imagine I wasn't in the photo taking mood this afternoon...


  1. I hate to break this to you but, 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 year old boys are whining, demon, spawn. Then they mellow out for a year or so until 8 years old takes over, ACK! alll you can do is laugh and watch for it in the next one.

    I'm sorry you're feeling yuck, I totally feel you. I know it's all part of the bundle, as in bundle of joy, but it still stinks, pun intended. I sucked on hard candies and spit untill everyone around me shared in the nausea. Thinking of you.

  2. I think it is awesome that you can find the humor in your day! I probably would have put the kids to bed and hid under my blankets until my husband came home.

    You are a better mother than me :0)

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  3. I think kindy must have been extra tiring that day. You poor thing - I hate it when we have one of those "can't do anything right" times. It's as tiring on the mother as the child - I'm sure!

  4. We have recorded some tantrums and played them back. Usually the tantrum-er stops tantrum-ing as they watch themselves throwing a fit. But not always. Sometimes it makes it worse.

  5. Oh I don't know I thought you were very entertaining today, lol! Oh goodness I remember that age....! I remember sending them to their rooms to whine for an audience of onl themselves.

    But you can't do that in a car. I used to give time outs in a car where they had to sit quietly and not talk at all for the allotted time. For some reason it worked and they hated to have one. Of course, it didn't always work for a full-on hissy fit.

  6. so it wasn't raining, it was just lion crying. i understand now.

  7. OMGosh! WOW! That is some tantrum! Good that you could giggle through it. Sometimes that is all we mamas can do or we would lose our minds . LOL

  8. I know you had a bad day and I really feel for you but my heart breaks for little Lion too.

    He must have really been feeling low to carry on like that for sooooo long. I hope he felt better today.

    Today was the first time I have ever picked Little Bear up from kindy & they have told me that she had a grizzly day. But she has been to 3 night time parties in a week including 2 in the last 2 nights so it was expected.

  9. Poor Lion, poor Mummy McT, poor Little Bear. Such a tough week all round. Lion has had a cough and been losing sleep and probably feeling a bit yuck himself. Maybe he should have come to Grannysaurus's for some R & R.

  10. He isn't getting sick is he? This sounds like Jonathan right before he comes down with is all just so heartbreaking and horrid...this life of theirs when they are this age, isn't it? I suppose they could win Oscars of their own.

    Hey, I did mention earlier how much I appreciated your support and prayers right? I've been pretty loopy all day. Need some more sleep. Bad.


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