Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Croc Attack

Yep, there was a croc attack not too far from us this morning.
A man hit a 1.2m croc with his car in the wee hours of this morning. It was just a freshie and had decided since the river was barely distinguishable from the area around it he would take the opportunity to go for a wander. I heard that it was just outside one of the local schools which is a bit of a worry and I bet they will be thinking twice before letting any of the kids out of the classrooms today:) A wildlife carer came and collected it and took it home TO HER BATHTUB until she could get it to a vet to check it out. Here's the small report from the paper (although it says 2m I am inclined to believe the interview I heard with the lady that has it in her tub than a Brisbane paper). The radio guys asked her how she got it home and she said, "oh he just sat on the boyfriends lap on the passenger side on the way home" SERIOUSLY???? how did she suggest that to the boyfriend?
"Okay sweetie, there's an injured little darling I need to go collect can you come and help me keep it calm on the way home."
"yeah sure, do we need a cardboard box, a couple of towels maybe?"
"um, perhaps some rope and duct tape would be a little better this time. Don't skimp on the duct tape"
"uh, okay, what are we picking up?"
"mumble mumble mumble a crocodile mumble mumble"
"a WHAT?"
"oh it's just a little one, suck it up, be a man"
"yes dear"
Check this out... someone round here had 'bigger' snake problems than me on Friday.
Yay for this rain, we have Wolf home for the afternoon. He is doing some work that he can do from home. He just doesn't understand nap time though. He is playing music. I love nap time because it is soooooooo quiet. I don't do things that make too much noise. I don't play music. I love the quiet.


  1. It was a freshy and they are usually much smaller build and much less aggressive. Poor little thing ;)

  2. king rick listened desperately to the radio this morning hoping that school would be cancelled today. it wasn't. and he had a full class.

  3. Oh my goodness gracious. I saw the croc report on TV and was amazed how the flooding changes everything. And that snake! Oh my word. Right, stay indoors till it's the dry season!

  4. I love the conversation between the wildlife girl and her boy friend. Too funny! The one in the morning when they decide how to handle showers could be even more interesting.

  5. Funny dialog there! I can just see a cartoon made out of the conversation. Around here we might find a raccoon or possum, but a crocodile... nah!

  6. OK. Yeah. NO. I would not be doing that..holding a croc for anyone!

    What a crock! Haaaar!

  7. That is too funny! 2 metres does sound a bit too large to sit on a lap!!
    Bet she had a snappy bath that night!


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