Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Hoon Kings

A couple of days ago Grannysaurus posted some pictures of Dragon and me at her place with real crash helmets on riding our plastic motorbikes. We really enjoyed the crashing part and Grannysaurus said she couldn't wait until we could get a real motorbike, well neither could we, but Mummy said:

"There will be no motorbikes for these boys. EVER.I mean it.NO MOTORBIKES."
Well, we showed her today, Daddy let us hoon on a motorbike... Through the shopping centre! Well the roads were too wet, it was FUN!

-Lion McTavish.


  1. No crash helmets, I noticed! Did Daddy put real money in the machine so that the bike really went?

  2. Now THAT'S my kind of motorcycle! Safe and sturdy, no helmet required! ;0)

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  3. Fun! Boys love things that go!

    OK, I've caught up with all the posts I missed, check your comments. I missed being gone. I sure luv :D all my bloggy friends.

  4. Lion, you tell Mummy that motorcycling is a very safe mode of transport - right up until the point you have a crash and hit the ground - Just ask Uncle HB.

  5. Ralph LOVES that motorbike. He gets on and delivers that mail. That's what motorbikes are for. Apparently.

  6. Soooo cute though! I won't let JG on a motor bike either...EVER! Ahem. . . we'll see I guess what "daddy decides." yeah, right, like I'll let him decide that. What is he thinking?

  7. What a spoil-sport mummy is!!! What's a few broken bones?
    Glad you could have fun on a mummy - approved motorbike!


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