Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Summer Holiday?

It was at that point that Dougal shared his concern that the travel brochure may not have been entirely honest about "White Water World"

The pig tested the water, the words "Deposit - Non-refundable" ringing in her (his?) ears.

Soon they were all regretting not taking the agent up on travel insurance.

Dougal (dog), Jeremy (giraffe), Bruce (shark) and Piggy (um, the "wild boar manbag") were all looking a little grotty. I have spared you a photo of the colour the water went!


  1. I love ya girl! You's a fun, funny women!

    Thanks for sparing us the grungy water, I have a tub of stuffed animals to wash, thanks to manic cleaning day.

    Shhh, you and the Nurse Boys leave the funniest comments everyblog I go. You'll always be sweet 16 to me.

  2. LOL, very funny. Reminds me I need to do some of Jack's Stuffed toys.

  3. So did they enjoy their 'ride' after all? I know Miow-Miow quite likes 'having a swim' in the washing machine, and then having a sun-bake whilst hanging on the line. At least, Kitcat tells me that she does.....

  4. Now where was that post about recycling old jokes?

    Saving the planet - one joke at a time!

    I guess the sharks memory is as good as the goldfish's - I am sure I have photo's of Bruce at White Water World before !!!

    I am also a bit concerned for poor Dougal. Bruce is looking a little agressive in the bottom photo & as mum always said, "If you have to swim in shark infested water - make sure the dog is with you"

  5. You make me laugh...THANKS!!!


    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  6. Actually Mum's comment was about crocodiles, but I'm sure it would apply to sharks as well. I was just thinking of Bruce's mantra "fish are firends, not food" - he doesn't make any promises about dogs. Poor Dougal.

  7. You should get a front loading washing machine and then you can watch them all having a great time going round and round in the white water. The boys would love it!


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