Monday, 23 February 2009

Gonna get us some learnin'

We are off to the local library this morning. I love books but this is a bit of a strange thing for us. For a start the times we have borrowed books the boys have been in tears when we have had to give them back. Also, I'm not that good at remembering to give them back.

Disclaimer: I'm not depriving my boys of the joy of reading by not going to the library. These boys are happy reading the same book 4 times a day for months on end, I think our home library of hundreds of kids books is ample for them. By my maths if I give them 1 month to fixate on each book and guess at only 100 books that is enough books to see Lion through to highschool! I am guessing he will be wanting to move beyond "Where is the Green Sheep?" by then.

Today is also a fact finding mission... 12 months ago our two "twin cities" amalgamated and we had to take on their name I am hoping we didn't also take on their policy of overdue fees at the library, you know because of that whole forgetting to return them thing. So today I will ask questions.

Still not the reason we are actually going though. We need to find a book on a mummy with a baby in her tummy. Dragon needs some answers.

Thank goodness it's not "how did it get there?" or anything I don't want to answer just yet. We just have to deal with his little concern about mummy having a shower.

I was in the shower and Dragon got a bit upset and started trying to stop the water running over my tummy.

"NO! Baby will get wet!"

It could be a long few months if I'm not allowed to take showers!


  1. Trust Dragon to do something cute like that. I hope the pictures in the book don't freak him out more - like the baby being upside down and having no clothes on. Who knows what he will come up with.

  2. That's funny. lol. I hope you find a book that will ease his mind a bit or you could be in for a rough few

  3. I borrowed a book from the library for Ralph one day. We never even read it. He was only interested in reading Cecil the Lost Sheep that month. We've moved on since then. For now.

  4. I bought a book for Ducky, when I was pregnant with Mousie. It's a cute rhyming book, and I think it answers all the questions a 2 year old needs to have answered.

    "There's a house inside my Mummy" by Giles Andreae and Vanessa Cabban (Orchard Picturebooks) link....

  5. I was going to say exactly what Mum-me said and give you the same link . . . great minds :)

  6. So cute! Hope you find some great books (no fees)~


  7. If you wait long enough they will eventually have an amnesty - you just need to keep an eye out for it because they don't always advertise it.

    Love my Dragon. Don't you have photo's of the boys as babies having a bath that you could show him? Maybe if he knows that babies need baths too ?? But really, who knows what's actually going through his mind !

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  9. I don't know...if Dragon discovers that the baby is floating in water will he be traumatized. Little boys are so sweet!

    Have you heard about a restrictive law in New Zealand that will shut down blogs on even the accusation of copyright infringement?

  10. I love the library and I faithfully support it with my overdue books! Love how Dragon is being such a good big brother already.

  11. Oh my gosh! that is so stinkin' cute! That cracks me right up! I love it!

  12. He is so cute!!! - you may really smell by the time the baby comes if you can't shower til then!!
    We also have many, many books & sometimes I wonder why I bother taking them to the library. Oh & a couple of times ago I had to pay $10 in fees - guess who learnt her lesson then!

  13. That Dragon is a crack up!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy


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