Saturday, 14 February 2009

Thank you B & J

9 years ago today Wolf got a phone call. It was a reminder that it was Valentines day and he probably should do something about a little crush that he had. From what I have been told the conversation went something like this...

B: J told me I had to ring you and tell you it's Valentines day.
Wolf: Yeah, I know.
B: J said that you should send flowers.
B: J said you have to do it today.

So Wolf did send flowers, and the rest is history.

Thank you B & J for kicking his butt into gear. Though next time you are orchestrating this sort of thing you might consider adding this to the conversation...

B: J says you have to put your name on the card.

It all worked out in the end. I l♥ve Wolf. And even if he was too chicken to put his name on the card I wouldn't swap him for anything.

And he still loves me even though I'm not blond or size 6 anymore.

Also I put this photo in so you could check out those two little cuties in the front! Hard to believe they are a tiny little Possum and Dragon from the Aussie Half-Dozen... So CUTE! (sorry Dragon but you are a little cutie in this photo!)
apologies for the photos of photos, I don't have a scanner.


  1. OOHH how sweet. And yes Possum and Dragon do look very cute.
    P.S I left you an award on my blog. Come on over and get it.

  2. I know who B is, but who is J? Ithought B was the only one who knew abou the 'crush'.

  3. How romantic ... even if someone else had to give him a little nudge.

    I remember when Wolf rang home and told us about the un-named card on the flowers.

  4. Stuss's hair was so huge - I was trying to escape from behind it all day!

  5. I still have that pretty purple sash and white skirt!!! Not sure where the shirt and wings went though!

  6. Oh what a lovely lovely remember when post! So so sweet and what a beautiful bride!

    I just love seeing little possum and dragon! OMGOsh! Just adorable!

  7. PS I really need to come to Australia! I feel like I know your whole family! :)

  8. I love the photos of photos. You are absolutely gorgeous! And what a sweet story!

    My husband and I had a rough start. I had been told for weeks that he was going to call for a date. When he finally did call, I had spent the day on the phone explaining to my sisters why our mom was in the hospital. When I asked him to call me back in three weeks, he thought he had been set up as a joke. I ended up calling back a few days later and we made plans for lunch. It was the date that almost wasn't!

    Sorry for using your space to tell my story! I just had to get that out!

  9. Such beautiful pictures! Your wedding looked amazing.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Much love from NJ,

  10. Aww, so sweet! What a gorgeous couple! The black and white picture looks just like the set of an old Hollywood movie. Lovely!

  11. Great photos and sweet post! I love it! I'm not a size 4 anymore either. *sigh*

  12. Aww...thanks for sharing! I love the photos! :0)

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  13. Very sweet. Was he kick-started into wowing you this year?

  14. What a beautiful bride & a lovely story!
    Doesn't Possum look just like her little sisters now!!!


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