Monday, 16 February 2009

Fun With Boxes

The boys came around to visit me at work the other day, and to 'borrow' some boxes for Construction Day at Playgroup tomorrow. I thought that was fine, I'll just give them the boxes which I am going to throw out anyway, but no it wasn't that easy, these boxes went through a rigorous selection process before they were deemed good enough for playgroup.

Some needed to be big enough to play in...

Some needed to be able to build big sky scrapers and castles...

and others needed be tested for destroyable enjoyability...


  1. Awesome!
    They look like they will have a fantastic time at playgroup this week.
    Nathan at five still has a box fetish. We buy something and before we get the item out of said box, he has plans for how to transform it a cubby/car/TV/spaceship etc.

  2. What an impressive Castle !!!

  3. Boxes = fun! Its so simple, until someone starts screaming.

  4. That cracks me up! Boys just love boxes, don't they! Jonathan has a new one right now and is loving pretending it is a rocket ship.

    Love the video. Wish I could figure out how to embed those things!

  5. My kids love boxes too. I was impressed that your little guy didn't knock over the drinks while gathering all of the boxes in the video!!! My kids are the spillers...that's why it impresses me so much. :-)

  6. Adorable! By the way, do I see that you are expecting another precious little one when I look at the side bar??? If so, congratulations! If not, never mind.

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  7. It's so cool how kids will just play with such a simple thing as a box! Mine loved boxes, lol!

    BTW, it took me the whole recording to finally figure out that you have a bird. I couldn't figure out what that sound was!

  8. I could be facetious and say... 'What bird? if you heard a bird you must have been tuning in to Lion's imagination. In the clip he mentions his imaginary bird friend 'Huddy' so your sub-conscious must have placed a bird into the scene.'

    But no I get into trouble for doing that so lets just say 'I hadn't even noticed him in the background.'

    That was Pee Wee Herman. An orphan Aunty J adopted after the ex-cyclone came thru. He now stays at her home during the day.

  9. Isn't it amazing? We spend a fortune on toys and all they need are boxes, empty paper towel rolls, sticks, and a sheet. LOL

    Very creative kiddies you have there!
    LOVE that huge castle!

    ps I have missed you :)

  10. How CUTE! Thanks for sharing :)
    ♥ Hugs!


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