Thursday, 5 March 2009

Big conversations with small boys

Mummy McTavish- "give us a kiss Dragon"
Dragon leans in for a kiss and mummy scoots back an inch, Dragon giggles, leans in closer, mummy scoots back an inch, Dragon giggles, leans in closer, Mummy scoots back an inch, dragon sits up, looks heart-broken...

"Please kiss for me mummy"

he got a great big kiss and a squishy squashy huggle too.

MMcT- Dragon, are you going to be my big boy one day?
D- Yeah, I doe kinny toon* (*go kindy soon)
MMcT- Yep, next year you'll go to kindy like Lion does. Then eventually you'll go to school.
D- Yeah, I doe skew lite* cheetah (*go school like)
MMcT- what will you do once you finish school? will you be as big as Daddy?
D- (eye's light up) YEEEAAAHH, I be bid lite* daddy (big like)
MMcT - Will you get married?
D- Yeah
MMcT- Will you have kids? what will you name them?
D- Lion
Lion- Nooooooo, I'm Lion, I don't want another Lion in this world!
(he has 3 or 4 friends with the same name so I'm not sure how he thinks that works)

MMcT- Lion, will you get married one day and have kids?
Lion- No, oh, Yeah, I'll marry you! But I won't have kids.
MMcT- Oh, that's sweet.
L- Um, no, I'll marry B... And she can have the kids.

Problem solved.

and guess what... Listen close, I dont want to say it too loud just in case it mucks things up... THERE'S WEE IN OUR POTTY! He has never sat on it for this long... do I start to get hopeful or do I just assume it's a one off event.


  1. Good luck with the potty training...not my favorite part of parenting, but totally worth all of the work, OF COURSE!

    Cute dialogue! :0)

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  2. :) Your boys are precious!

  3. Good luck! Fingers crossed.

  4. So cute! The potty training sounds positive - I know occasionally I find wee in one of our potties & get excited. I'm just not motivated enough to do the toilet timed thing - I want it to be on their own cue!

  5. Wahoo with the wee thing! Hope it continues in a positive vein.
    Dragon is so cute with his little chat with you.
    My boys have plans to marry me too when their bigger. I will make the most of it while I can.

  6. I'm glad you were here to translate, lol! My youngest always said he was going to build me a castle when he grew up. He thought castles were so cool. And a moat. He wanted me to have a moat.

    Yes, be encouraged about the potty. The nice thing is the second one is easier to train because he will want to do everything big brother does.

    My kids loved getting a sticker and an m&m for every time they were successful.

  7. Your boys crack me up! Jonathan has started having little conversations with me too and I love it. As for wee in the potty...oh...not yet. *sigh*


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