Saturday, 7 March 2009

Watching the Warnings

We are on a Cyclone Warning again. Last night it was far enough away (north) to still be a cyclone watch and just a category 2. This morning it is much closer and is a category 3 moving faster. It is expected to cross the coast tomorrow morning about 3-400Klm south of us. That means it has to move along the coast past us to make landfall. So, Cyclone Hamish is bearing down on us but I'm good with that. Wolf got off work early yesterday and came home and mowed the last of the lawn that has been trying to dry out enough since the last lot of insane weather. He also tied up the shade on the cubby house and tidied up the few things that have made their way back out since we last cleaned up for a cyclone.

So if you don't hear from us for a while it is because we have been blown off the map.

Actually it is more likely it is because I'm just not blogging a lot lately but that doesn't sound as dramatic.
So provided it doesn't go and act all unpredictable like cyclones often do and swerve into the coast 400K's earlier, she'll be Jake.


  1. Wow. That would be a little unsettling! I do hope that you will have a great weekend wih no unexpected winds huffing and puffing and blowing your house around!

  2. Hope it all 'blows over' quickly.

  3. I'm hoping we still get some rain and wind.

  4. Praying you guys keep safe. Hopefully there is no more flooding up north there - you've certainly had a time of it!

  5. Wow, Australian weather is intense.

    What cute little conversations with the little ones. So sweet. I miss those little conversations.

  6. Praying for your safety.

    Mrs. Nurse Boy


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