Sunday, 29 March 2009

Saussle Sizzle

Just wanted to give you a glimpse at the general cuteness that we live with every day.

I know, how do we stand ALL that cuteness ALL the time???

It's not great quality because it's off my mobile phone. We have a great video camera but after 12 months I still can't figure out how to get the stuff off it and onto my computer... I'm pretty andvanced that way.


  1. Aww! sooo cute! Nathan came out (he's supposed to be asleep) to tell me to turn the noise down but Lion is adorable. Hope your sausage sizzle was all black and yucky and yummy!
    And if it weren't for your gumboots were would you be?

  2. You really must get the video/computer connection going. It's a pity not see the cuteness in vivid detail. He is cute isn't he?

  3. Seriously adorable! What a doll! You have to have so much fun with him! I know I do with Jonathan even on the days I am at my wits end! Like earlier today, but I will make it through. I've been off and on the Internet the last few days as the weather gets warmer here and I try to spend time with him after work.

  4. Yes you are definitely in danger of cuteness overload there at the McTavish home.

  5. He is so cute. Love his little voice. Enjoy your burnt, black and yucky meal...hehehe! At least that's what I heard you guys say.

  6. I must now go eat a little protein to balance out the sweetness rush! What a cutie!


  7. Like Mum-me can talk about Cuteness Overload !!! She's got it x6 although you are on your way to catching up.

    I am sorry I turned down the Sausage Sizzle invitation now. I could have had burnt black yummy sausages. Mmm Mmmmmm !!!

    Little Bear came racing in when I played the video, thinking that Aunty & Dragon McTavish were here. She was a bit disappointed that it was just a video but still enjoyed Dragon's stompy dance.

  8. i adore your accent!!!! :)

    and he is just precious!

  9. Chimera- the sausage sizzle at the strand had no risk of burnt black sausages... you could cook a sausage faster on the bonnet of your car in summer. We were more at risk of salmonella or something delightful like that.

    Jen- it's strange but we hear so many American accents on TV and stuff that I don't notice them much. I guess you wouldnt hear so many Aussie accents though.


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