Thursday, 26 March 2009

Sharing the love.

When I have a life altering tip I like to share it. I shared this tip with the girls at playgroup on Tuesday and I know it changed their lives so I wanted to share it with the world... or the few of you who read this little old blog of ours.

Nestle Club chocolate is top stuff. "Why?" you may ask (I mean beyond the obvious that it's beautiful dark chocolate) well here's the low down...

When you get it don't open the packet. I mean it, don't do it. Break it all up while the packet is still closed then carefully open the top of the packet without ripping it. Now if you need to you can reseal the packet ('What? Chocolate on my breath, the packet is still closed'). Genius I know! But here's the best part...

Now when you sit down with the packet in front of NCIS you can eat every last piece, one yummy bite at a time, without getting the crumbly bits everywhere (because they are safe in the bottom of the packet waiting for you to get to them last).

It works with any of the foil type packets with a glue seal (not heat sealed).


  1. What a wonderful way to reward a clean playroom (for a hardworking mummy that is).

    Unfortunately I don't have Nestle Club Chocolate or any other block chocolate (other than Top Deck - Yuchk) and I don't think it will work quite so well with Ferrero Rocher. Oh well, I shall suffer ...

    mmmmm - Ferrero Rocher. I feel like a chocolate!

  2. That's okay Chimera, I'll eat your share, it was $2 a block at woolies this week... so I bought 4 blocks!

  3. I'll be passing by tomorrow. Will there be any left?

  4. I haven't tried the Nestle dark, unless chocolate chips count, I am in to the individually wrapped dove squares at the moment.

    Woolies? is that Woolworths?

  5. Boy Mom - Woolies is Woolworths. Dove tries to suck you in with their individually wrapped pieces but you can do this with their blocks as well, and you don't have to fiddle with all that extra wrapping so you can get through more chocolate in less time... just sayin'

  6. Any chocolate advice is good advice to me. Yum..I wonder if we have these here. I don't know, but I'm going to look for them. Today. (Don't tell my husband. he's trying to help me eat better! :-)

  7. Dark chocolate is good for you.

    Actually, any chocolate is good for me!

  8. Who knew there was an art to eating chocolate? I don't like dark chocolate (I only like milk chocolate) and I don't watch NCIS so I guess I'll have to pass, lol!

  9. You got me so excited about the chocolate that I totally spaced and forgot to add that I loved your story! To funny! The things kids say....especially when you don't want them to, lol!

    My then-four year old told our new neighbor that she needed to clean her house.

  10. I love NCIS.

    I hate dark chocolate :P

  11. I bought a block after our conversation at playgroup but I didn't break it up and I didn't follow your advice. Admittedly it is lasting longer as a result - but then again I have an ulcer under my tongue so that might be the contributing factor to the chocolate lasting longer.

  12. I couldn't believe you had 12 comments to your post about chocolate, but now I realise that you wrote several yourself - not so impressed anymore. Actually I do that with my Jamaica Gold chocolate, but then when I stand up I find that I still have chocolate stains on the front of my shirt. It's a special talent I guess.

  13. I love dark chocolate!! I'll have to look for that kind. Although I don't think it will help with the Weight Watchers but can't deprive myself totally. Thanks for the tip!

    Much love from NJ,

  14. LOL - you must be pregnant!!
    My favourite is cadbury though, so the resealing doesn't work - not that there's ever much left after my family get through with it!!!

  15. WOW! You post about chocolate and the women come out of the woodworks! Us women, we KNOW chocolate.

    Just give me my chocolate and nobody gets hurt!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  16. i LOVE NCIS... this chocolate can only enhance the viewing pleasure for me!!


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