Saturday, 14 March 2009

Overheard tonight...

Dragon: Why God make Bruce. Shark.!?
Daddy: There must have been a good reason but I don't know why.
Dragon: Why. Not. Daddy?
Daddy: Contrary to what a lot of people think, Daddy doesn't know everything.
Dragon: (Pause to think then... ) Why God make Bruce. Shark.!? Daddy?
Daddy: I don't know Draggy, how about you ask God when you get to heaven.
Dragon: OK.

Lion: What!? But that will be a long time, Draggy will not be listening to you, Daddy, when you say don't touch that and then gets electrocuted.
And dies.
And I won't be there to hear the answer.


  1. I wonder if Lion really thinks that this is how Dragon will go?

    At least it will be "a long time".

  2. I hopes he's not a prophet! It seems like the worst thing about an electrocuted brother is that Lion will miss out on hearing the answer. Do you wonder about his priorities?


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