Saturday, 14 March 2009

Are you?... No...not...daddy

So far being a single dad has been OK, it was not until this afternoon that the boys decided it was time to test the boundaries.

This afternoon, I am trying to get some house work done, so while the dishwasher is running, I tried to finish the folding, the boys are getting wilder and starting to run around inside, so I tell them that if they do not sit down and watch the DVD they asked to put on then it will be turned off and they will be sent outside. OK, they reply and then ask for a drink. While I'm getting it I hear a soft collapsing sound followed by laughing and giggling. 'Who is playing with the folding?' Dragon replies 'That girl!' (translation: No one - see nearby picture, apparently 'No one' looks like a girl), Lion replies 'Not me'.

So No one not only likes to waste energy but likes to take clean washing and throw it around the room.

Next they start lying on their little table and pretend to be Thunderbird 1 & 2 and are flying to the rescue of Huddy who has been trapped in a burning building, (for the 42th time today, you think that stupid bird would learn to stay away from burning buildings). That lead to them standing on the table and shouting 'I'm the king of the world!'

I told them that tables where not for standing on and if I see them on the table again then it was grounds for a smack. While I'm in the kitchen emptying the dishwasher I hear 'KING.... OFWORLD!' 'Dragon are you on the table?' 'No...not...daddy.' Good

Dragon! Are you...

'No...not...daddy.' (scramble scramble) 'See'

Good you know the rules, if I see you on the table you get a big smack.

'OH KAY.... Daddy!'

This goes on for a few more times until he starts to think its a good game. He did look sort of cute standing up there hands in the the air asserting his Kinghood, but he needs to learn to listen to Daddy's instructions, so next time I heard 'KING... OFWORLD' I came in and disciplined him.

'Arh Arh Arh I crying.... I CRYING DADDY'

I know but you need to learn to listen to Daddy, what you are doing is dangerous you could fall off and hurt yourself. (Uh oh, what was that little light which sparkled in his eye at that comment?)

'OK...I sad, sorry Daddy.'
Five minutes later, it has been very quite and a little head pops around the corner to see if Daddy is still busy defrosting the refrigerator. This will be good I think to myself as I get my camera ready to gather incriminating evidence to show his mother at what a rough time he is giving me.



  1. Must be the McTavish side coming out !!!

  2. Do they know that the Thunderbirds are marionettes and can't feel pain like real boys?

  3. Great action shot! Yea boys don't listen. No matter how many times you say it, they just don't understand DANGER!! Not even after they crack their heads open.

    Good luck until Mummy gets home!

    Much love from NJ,

  4. Good catch! Snatch! :-) Have fun, dad!

  5. What a great Daddy. Alas, you'll never be able to come home after work and ask Mummy, "So, what did you do all day?" You just photographed her proof.

  6. At first I thought he was jumping on to someone sitting on the sofa! Good action shot. This story just proves what I've come to realise gradually over my parenting experience - after a certain age, smacks just don't seem to work so well.


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