Saturday, 25 April 2009


Today is ANZAC day so with no trading allowed for the morning we had a day with Wolf home. Lion's understanding of ANZAC day is getting there. "It's for our Army men who died when they were fighting for keeping 'Ourstralia' safe... And to say thank you to the ones that didn't die"

"MD was laughing at kindy when we were doing ANZAC day (they had a flag raising, sang the anthem and played the last post) and I told him 'it's not funny, it's happy, but it's not funny, you should stop laughing' and MD didn't but the teacher told him it wasn't about laughing"

And another gem from Lion "Army men are allowed to fight. We're not, we have to let the army men fight. It's good if no one is fighting so they don't have to fight but they don't get in trouble for fighting like I do"

So after breakfast this morning we dressed our own little Army men, put on their WWI pins that grannysaurus bought them and sat down to make some ANZAC biscuits. Usually I would make a big batch in the Kenwood mixer but it's being mixer-sat by Aunty Chimera at the moment so we pulled out the big christmas cake making bowl (which thankfully I didn't remember to buy the fruit for soaking in it yet) and figured we'd try a double batch in that.

So we mixed the dry ingredients...

Tasted the dry ingredients...

(because you never know, all that flour and rolled oats may just taste yummy)

Mmmmm, the wet mixture tastes REALLY GOOD. I love it that ovens kill all the germs.

Roll it into balls and eat some more mixture and roll a few more balls...

Get told LOTS of times that you have to wait till the bikkies are cooked!

Mummy flattens all the balls a bit and then you come along and flatten them a lot bit more.

Bake in a slow oven for 15-20 minutes and then let them cool on the trays but don't be content waiting, come back into the kitchen every minute or so and ask if they are ready to eat yet and can you have one and get upset when mummy says they are still too soft and go and occupy yourself for another minute before you come back and ask again.

Have a couple with a drink of milk for morning tea. YUMMY!


  1. Do your European and American readers know that ANZAC is an acronym for Australian - New Zealand Army Corps? It was first formed and the name used in WW1 (So I believe. It's hard to find definitive information.)

  2. The acronym ANZAC was first used in 1914. An English army clerk apparently used it for a quick way to write the full name and it stuck. It was also the code word used by the Austrlaian and NZ troops when sending messages.

    We made ANZAC bikkies today too!

  3. Thanks Mum-me, that is the sort of information I was trying to find.

  4. Yummy! They look a lot like Susan's Cookies. My special recipe that, for some reason, only works when I make them. They have coconut and oats and the dough is heavenly.

    What a great Mummy to let them cook with you.

  5. They look very yummy! We made some the other day, but their enthusiasm was lacking. Nathan was sad because he wanted a family swim and no one was interested.
    But love love love Anzac biscuits, even the soft ones.


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